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Finding the right softball bat for you can be overwhelming. With so many bats on the market, and each one with its own unique combination of design features and technologies, it can be easy to lose sight of what’s truly important to you. Are you looking to step up your power hitting abilities to hit the ball out of the park? Or do you need a more balanced bat to practice your control and hitting consistency? Or maybe, you’re just looking for an economically priced starter bat so you can dip your toes in the water.

We’ve compiled this list of the 11 best fastpitch softball bats on the market, detailing what makes each bat unique, and what kind of player will thrive with each bat’s specific design features. You’ll notice that we’ve also written more detailed reviews of each individual bat, which you can easily access by clicking on the bat’s name.

Are you a slowpitch player looking for a new bat? Check out our guide here on the best slowpitch softball bats.

Without further adieu, here are the best fastpitch softball bats on the market.

Dudley Lightning Lift

This bat is made for youth players who are looking to up their game and perform better than ever before. The Dudley Lightning Lift features a giant sweet spot, and offers players the maximum swing weight advantage, meaning this bat is as heavy (and therefor powerful) as it can be without exceeding the weight limit imposed by the league. This bat is also extremely easy to handle through the zone.

The Dudley Lightning Lift comes with a 100% composite constructed shell, giving it season-over-season lasting power. Keep in mind that this bat is not recommended for players over the age of 10. Rather, this bat is designed to be used by players between the ages of 6 and 10.

To learn more about this bat, read our full Dudley Lightning Lift review.

Dudley 2019 Lightning Lift Composite -13 Youth Fastpitch Bat

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Dudley Lightning Lift Reviews

I bought this bat for my daughter, and she just loves it! It has a super smooth feel when swinging, and emits a satisfying crack when you hit the ball just right! It’s definitely been a confidence booster for my daughter. It’s a hard hitter, and I love the massive sweet spot so that you can hit balls further more often. I would definitely recommend this bat to other plays my daughters age (10).”
Jersey Melk

“My daughter is very small for her age, so at first I was worried having a bat with the maximum swing weight advantage might be too heavy for her and hard to control. But this bat was super easy for my daughter to use! She handled it like a pro, and loves the pink and white design. I’ve seen her hit balls further with this bat than any of the previous ones I’ve gotten for her. This bat was a great investment, and I’d recommend it to other parents trying to give their kid a leg up and help them hit like a pro.”
Daniel Vairmont

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Easton Pink Sapphire

The Easton Pink Sapphire is an economically priced bat that’s designed for casual play. This balanced, one-piece bat is designed with an ultra thin handle and All Sports grip, making it extremely easy to handle. And with its ALX50 Military grade aluminum construction, this bat is designed to last year-over-year use.

If you’re a highly competitive player looking for a top of the line bat, this may not be the product for you. However, if you’re a casual player looking to dip your toes in the water and want a highly reliable bat that still performs well, the Easton Pink Sapphire may be the perfect bat for your needs.

This bat is made right here in the United States with premium materials. To learn more about this bat, read our full Easton Pink Sapphire review.

EASTON PINK SAPPHIRE -10 Girls Fastpitch Softball Bat, 26/16, FP18PSA

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Easton Pink Sapphire Reviews

“This is a great, well balanced bat for a younger player, such as my 9 year old. The bat is light and easy to control. The weight and length is perfect. So far no complaints! It has definitely improved the game of my daughter. It’s also very pretty to look at. It also has a nice cushioned grip, so it’s comfortable in the hand. I love the light weight of this bat. It’s definitely given my daughter a confidence boost, who previously struggled with heavier bats. I’d recommend this bat.”
Shirly G

“I bought this bat for my daughter to use, and at first it was hitting great. But after a week of use, her coach said that the bat sounded like it was dead, and probably wasn’t hitting properly. He asked if it was an older bat, but I had just bought it a week ago! I started listening to the hit, and immediately I could tell that this bat sounded much different than the rest of her team mates. It sealed the deal when my daughter tried one of her teammates bats and right away started hitting balls further than before. I’m sure this bat would be great for casual play, and obviously it comes at a great value for that. But if you’re looking to do serious play, spend more money to invest in something better.”
Alexis Windstrom

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Anderson Supernova

The Anderson Supernova is a great bat for younger players looking to step up their game. This bat is a two-piece build, made from high grade composite materials that will last season after season. This bat is hot out of the wrapper and ready to go after just a few practice swings.

This bat features a grip that reduces hand sting and unwanted vibrations. And with an ultralight end-cap, this bat is extremely balanced and easy to control. Last but not least, this bat uses a rapid response design in its composite material that makes the sweet spot on this bat extra effective. This bat is recommended for players between the ages of 9 and 12.

This bat is made right here in the United States with premium materials. To learn more about this bat, read our full Anderson Supernova review.

Anderson Supernova Reviews

“I found this bat super easy to control. It’s also obvious that it’s well constructed and durable. I expect to get many seasons out of this bat. This bat is very light, so if you’re more used to a heavier bat, take some time during practice to get used to swinging this bat. Still, this bat is hot right out of the rapper, and aside from getting used to the feel after transitioning away from a heavier bat, I was able to easily hit powerful balls right away. Overall, I would recommend this bat.”
Sandy s

“A nice looking bat for sure. It works great as well, and has given my daughter a newfound confidence. She’s hitting harder than ever before, which is great to see. Didn’t take her too much time to break this back in either. I know this because we bought her this bat right before a game and she didn’t have much time to warm up. But she still played great throughout the game and was hitting the ball far. Overall I have no complaints with this bat yet. A solid purchase, and I would recommend it to other players if they asked.”
Alex Brown

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DeMarini CF Zen

The DeMarini CF Zen is designed to let you hit further than ever before with its Paraflex + COmposite barrel. The swing weight of this bat is balanced and easy to handle, and with its 3-Fusion handle, you can say goodbye to uncomfortable hand sting. For added pop, this bat uses DeMarini’s 3-Fusion endcap technology.

This bat also comes in a limited edition “Neon Pop” version which is essentially a bright, pink-and-green day-glow version of the CF Zen. Many players have noted that this bat lets out a satisfying crack when you make connection with the ball, which is always a plus.

This bat is made right here in the United States with premium materials. To learn more about this bat, read our full DeMarini CF Zen review.

DeMarini 2019 CF Zen (-11) Fastpitch Bat, 32"/21 oz

Last update was on: June 14, 2024 9:14 pm
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DeMarini CF Zen Reviews

“I’ve spent so much money trying to get the right bat. Although this bat seems more expensive at first, trust me—just spend the money and get it done right the first time.This bat will not disappoint you. I got this bat and it’s like I turned into the super-version of myself. I was getting home runs for the first time, and it felt effortless! As if I’ve been waiting for a bat like this my whole life. The bat was this good right out of the package, with no breaking in period. If you have any doubts about this bat, get rid of them because they’re useless. This bat is truly 1-of a kind.”
Liz G..

“Got my daughter this bat to try and help her step her game up and she LOVES this bat. And I love watching her play with it. This bat gave her an immediate confidence boost, as she hit home-runs in her first two swings of the game. It was incredible! I love how bright and unique the bat is too. That, combined with the bat’s ability to dominate games with its unrivalled pop, make a player look pretty real bad-ass.”
Freddy Grey

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Louisville Slugger Proven

Designed for youth fastpitch players, the Louisville Slugger Proven offers a lightweight and easy to control feel. This bat is a 100% composite, one-piece design, built to minimize hand sting and negative vibrations when making direct contact with the ball.

The Louisville Slugger Proven is built with a 2 and 1/4 inch barrel diameter, a 7/8 inch handle, and a -13 length to weight ratio. This bat is approved for play in the USSSA, NSA, ISA, ASA, AND ISF.

This bat is made right here in Louisville, Kentucky, USA with premium materials. To learn more about this bat, read our full Louisville Slugger Proven review.

Louisville Slugger 2018 Proven -13 Fast Pitch Bat, 29"/16 oz

Last update was on: June 14, 2024 9:14 pm
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Louisville Slugger Proven Reviews

“Bought this for my 11 year old and she just loves it! It’s a very solid bat, and comes at an affordable price. Definitely good value. My daughter is getting a lot more pop from this bat than her previous one. The difference is pretty stark. I also like the -13 weighting as she has some trouble getting fast swing speeds, and this helps. The one-piece construction is solid. Some reviewers claim that it gives you hand sting, but this is only on indirect hits. And this is natural and not anything out of the ordinary. Unless your daughter is a real softy she won’t have any problems with it. The alternative is spending 200 – 300 on a two-piece constructed bat. But for the price, this bat is awesome!”
Landan Spokes

“I would highly recommend this bat, considering virtually every girl on my daughter’s team has the same one and they all love it. My daughter is hitting way harder with this bat, I’d assume because of the boost she’s getting from the -13, as other reviewers have noted. It’s also a very light bat compared to others, which makes it easier to control through the zone. As a result, I’ve seen my girl hit more consistently than ever with this Louisville. I’m glad I chose this bat, and it’s such a good value, what do you really have to lose?”

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Easton Sapphire

The Easton Sapphire is a lightweight, easy to handle bat that belongs to Easton’s Diamond Gem series. Constructed from 100% 7050 aircraft grade aluminum alloy, this bat is durable, high quality, and built to last. The Easton Sapphire is a one-piece design for minimal flex when making contact with the ball. And with Easton’s all-sports grip and extra thin handle diameter,   this bat is extremely comfortable in the hands, and won’t slip even on the hardest hits.

This bat is built with a -12 ounce length to weight ratio, and has a giant sweet spot for optimal performance. The Easton Sapphire is certified for play in the USSA, ISF, NSA, ASA, AND ISA.

To learn more about this bat, read our full Easton Sapphire review.

Easton Sapphire -12 Fastpitch Softball Bat | 33 inch / 21 oz | 2019 | 1 Piece Aluminum | 7050...

Last update was on: June 14, 2024 9:14 pm
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Easton Sapphire Reviews

“I bought this bat for my daughter, who’s 5 foot 6, and this bat works fantastic! It’s extremely lightweight, and comes at a great value. It looks nice and hits great, and has a satisfying sound when it makes connection with the ball. I also think it’s cool that it’s constructed out of 7050 aircraft grade alloy. Overall, my daughter has been very satisfied with the bat—and that makes me satisfied. I would recommend this bat to other players.”
Ron Listman

“Great value. My daughter who plays 10U has been using it for two seasons now, and the bat has held up great. It’s sturdy and robust, and most importantly, seems to hit very well. My daughter has been having one of her best seasons so far. Compared to other bats she’s used in the past, the Sapphire is really light and easy for her to control. I’m not sure if it’s that, or the big sweet spot, but she’s been able to hit balls like never before. I will definitely consider getting this same model of bat for my youngest daughter too when she comes of age (unless something better comes out in that time.) If you’re considering this bat, I’d say go for it!”
Jeremy G

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Easton Wonder

The Easton Wonder is a great bat for younger players, and those who have just recently gotten into the game, and need a solid bat that they can feel confident using for competitive play. This bat is light, balanced, and easy to control. It also uses a multi-composite composite barrel that helps to eliminate hand sting upon impact with the ball. And with Easton’s HYPERSKIN grip and ultra-thin handle, this bat is not only extremely comfortable to hold, but won’t slip out of your hands no matter how hard you swing.

This bat is also built with Thermo Composite Technology, which means it’s crafted from some of the highest quality composite material available. As a result, this bat will help you hit balls further than ever before. This bat is eligible for play at all levels of softball.

To learn more about this bat, read our full Easton Wonder review.

EASTON Wonder -12 Fastpitch Softball Bat | 30 inch / 18 oz | 2019 | 2 Piece Composite | Flex...

Last update was on: June 14, 2024 9:14 pm
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Easton Wonder Reviews

“I love this bat! It’s got so much pop to it. When it makes contact with the softball, it makes a very satisfying ping! I bought a 28/16 length for my seven year old daughter, and she is able to control the bat easily. There’s actually quite a few girls on her team who are now using the same bat, and they’re definitely hitting the ball further than the girls who aren’t using it. If you’re looking to give your kid some confidence, I’d recommend using this bat. It’s been great for us.”
Kerry V

“The main thing I noticed about this bat is how balanced it is. It swings super fast, and perhaps even more importantly, very controlled. This could be due to the balanced weight, but it’s also probably due to how light it is. This makes it great for my daughter who is young and quite petite. She has no problems with this bat, and is hitting balls hard! It’s really great to see. So far, she’s much more happy with this bat than her old DeMarini. We also tried some other top-heavy bats and this one is just so much easier for her to handle. Maybe we’ll go top heavy when she gets older, but for right now, for a younger age-bracket, this is definitely the bat to buy.”
Roger White

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DeMarini Carbon Candy

This 2019 fast-pitch softball bat from DeMarini harnesses the latest technologies in the industry to push the boundaries of performance and consistency. Crafted out of high quality C12 composite material, this bat is extremely responsive so you can hit the ball further than ever before. This bat also uses a D-Lite handle for added flex and control.

To prevent hand sting and negative vibrations, the DeMarini Carbon Candy takes advantage of a D-Fusion 2.0 connection system. This bat is designed to be used by 14 – 18 year olds who are trying to step up their game. With its light and easy to control feel, large sweet spot, and high quality composite design, this bat will let you do just that.

This bat is made right here in the United States with premium materials. To learn more about this bat, read our full DeMarini Carbon Candy review.

DeMarini 2019 Carbon Candy (-10) Fastpitch Bat, 30"/20 oz

Last update was on: June 14, 2024 9:14 pm
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DeMarini Carbon Candy Reviews

After researching which DeMarini bat we were going with we decided on the Carbon Candy and it was a winner. One thing it did say it was great for high schoolers and I would say its a great bat for middle schoolers as well. My daughter is a 7th grader with a strong arm and strong hitter and she loves this bat. Pulling it straight out of the box the first thing you will notice are the colors are really nice and bright. She says the Carbon Candy has a great feel to this bat when holding it. First time using it for practice she hit far outfield. She says it has great pop straight out of the box. She likes the comfort grip this bat has. Swings perfect. Huge sweet spot. She likes the Carbon Candy over her 2018 Xeno & 2017 Insane. You won’t go wrong if you get this bat. DeMarini puts out good bats and this is certainly one of them. Your daughter will be happy with the Carbon Candy just like mine is. My daughter just found her a new favorite bat and she’s looking forward to her upcoming 2019 softball season.”
Rosanne Shearer

“Great bat! Very balanced feel. Old school CF connector takes almost all the sting out of the handle. Huge sweet spot. Daughter prefers her CC to Zen, X, and CF9. As close to the legendary CF8 as it gets!”
Blake Masters

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Louisville Slugger Quest

If you’re a young player with ambitions to play in a professional league one day, you’d be hard pressed to find a better starter bat than the Louisville Slugger Quest. This bat use a one-piece design, and a light 100% aluminum alloy build, so you can maximize your swing speed through the zone. And with its even weight distribution and balanced swing weight, the Louisville Slugger Quest is perfect for players looking to gain more control over their bat so they can play with more confidence and consistency.

The Louisville Slugger Quest is built with a 12 length to weight ratio, and a perfectly proportioned 7/8 inch handle diameter. Last but not least, this bat comes at a great value, a feature which everyone can enjoy.

This bat is made right here in Louisville, Kentucky, USA with premium materials. To learn more about this bat, read our full Louisville Slugger Quest review.

Louisville Slugger 2018 Quest -12 Fast Pitch Bat, 33"/21 oz

Last update was on: June 14, 2024 9:14 pm
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Louisville Slugger Quest Reviews

“I bought this bat for my 9yr old daughter who just made her 8u Allstar Team. Her previous bat was decent but at times didn’t have a good sound when she made contact. Well at practice this evening she got a chance to use it and everyone could see and hear the difference. The ball was popping off the bat so much that they assumed it was a composite. She also stated that the grip felt good and was able to get it around even though it’s a 30″ -12. I’d say if you’re looking for a new bat to try this one out. It’s a great bat at a great price.”
Dache B

“We recently upgraded my daughters bat to slugger. She constantly makes contact when batting, but just couldn’t seem to make much distance. After upgrading to this bat she now hits farther and further than she was prior. No problems scoring doubles and triples. She absolutely adores the length and light weight feel of the bat. I highly recommend if you’re playing in league and tournament games often. This is her second year with 8U and her confidence is building everyday! I’m considering buying the next step up for next year as well.”
Holland Sprikes

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Easton Amethyst

The Easton Amethyst is designed for younger players who are looking for a bat with a lighter swing weight, to learn more control and consistency in their game. This bat is crafted out of ALX50 military grade aluminum, meaning that it’s not only light, but durable too. It also comes with a 1.2mm Hyperskin Diamond All-Sports grip on its ultra-thin 29/32”, making it extraordinarily comfortable to use, and preventing hand slippage on even the hardest of swings.

This bat is designed to be used in a women’s league. It has a drop weight of -11, and is approved for play at 98MPH in the USSSA, ASA, ISA, NSA, ISF, and SSUSA.

This bat is made right here in the United States with premium materials. To learn more about this bat, read our full Easton Amethyst review.

Easton Amethyst -11 Fastpitch Softball Bat | 28 inch / 17 oz | 2019 | 1 Piece Aluminum | ALX50...

Last update was on: June 14, 2024 9:14 pm
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Easton Amethyst Reviews

Bought it a couple months ago and im glad I did. Hitting the ball in the sweet spot makes it feel like hitting air. I play high school softball and this bat is amazing. Very lightweight and great grip!”
Evan Stephens

“Bought this 2-16-19 for my daughter and it is already dented. And by no means is she a to the fence hitter, she is 15 and small. She is about 5”2 and weighs 90 pounds. Shame on me for not being able to find my receipt, lesson learned on that. Don’t waste your money for this bat. I’ve had kids in baseball/softball for 15 years and used a lot of equipment from several brands including Easton and have never had a complaint until now.”
Ronald G

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Rawlings Quatro Pro Fastpitch

The Rawlings Quatro Pro Fastpitch softball bat is a great choice for players with smaller hands, or intermediate youth players. This bat is designed with a longitudinal flex for a more responsive and longer lasting performance. It also uses a suspended inner barrel to balance out the swing weight, which will allow you to swing faster than ever before. This suspended inner barrel also adds to this bat’s durability so you can feel confident using it year-after-year.

The Rawlings Quatro Pro Fastpitch also incorporates a focused flex design that allows you to more accurately hit the ball in a specific direction. This feature also helps to reduce barrel drag.

This bat is made in Costa Rica. To learn more about this bat, read our full Rawlings Quatro Pro Fastpitch review.

Rawlings 2019 Quatro Pro Fastpitch Softball Bat (-10), 33 inch / 23 oz

Last update was on: June 14, 2024 9:14 pm
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Rawlings Quatro Pro Fastpitch Reviews

Don’t let the name Rawlings fool you, this bat is powerful! By far the best bat my daughter has used. Great pop and sleek look and if your daughter is looking for something different look no further….this is it!”
Craig Souza

“Great bat hot out the wrapper, my daughter loves it. But for some reason she likes the Rawlings Velo -10 the most.”
Sedric Marshall

“We bought my daughter this bat 4 months ago it developed a rattle. Rawlings refuses to warranty it for the year. They say it came from an unauthorized seller on amazon. What a joke they made the bat and should stand by their warranty. This was the fourth Rawlings we had bought her and will likely be the last.”
Barbara Nabors

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