About Us

Hey there and welcome to our site – BasesLoadedSoftball.com ! We are a bunch of casual softball players and parents (some of us on former high school and college teams too!) starting a side site where we review the latest and sometimes best softball gear, as well as list suggestions for picking youth gear.  Sometimes, we may even write about and help list some of our favorite softball drills too.

Please feel free to use our contact page if you have any questions, general inquires, or see some technical issue with the site – we look forward to getting in touch!

Meet Coach Rob:

Coach Rob has helped train numerous professional fastpitch softball players and college players, and now currently works as a collegiate hitting coach. When he’s not teaching players how to swing for the fence-line, he co-runs Basesloadedsoftball.com to make his wealth of knowledge available to the broader American softball playing population.

Rob has a wide range of knowledge that spans from the most effective drills to improve your hitting form, to the best cleats to wear for each type of player. His meticulousness and attention to all details of the game is something of legend among the collegiate players he works with. Rob not only has a passion for the game, but for understanding all aspects of the sport, and sharing that knowledge with other plays. Join Rob on his journey to make basesloadedsoftball.com the most comprehensive and reputable resource on the internet for all things softball—from drills to improve your technique and form, to the right equipment to buy, to useful information and answers about the game.

Meet Coach G: 

Coach G (Greg) grew up in a softball playing family to a mother who was the All-Star of her college fastpitch team, and a father who was a local-legend in his college slowpitch league. Since he was born, playing competitive softball—and now teaching softball—has been a major part of Greg’s life. While Coach G. was a rising star in his collegiate league, a serious ankle injury put him out of commission, and eventually lead him to his ultimate passion: teaching the game, and training players to unlock their true potentials. 

Mike currently works as a personal trainer for athletes across many sports, with a focus on college softball players looking to improve their game and advance in their leagues. He is now committed to sharing his techniques and knowledge about the game, by turning basesloadedsoftball.com into the #1 resource in the world for aspiring professional softball players.