Nike Force Edge Batting Gloves Review

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If you’ve ever batted a day in your life, you’d know the importance of a decent glove. It’s not only important for a good grip on the bat, it’s extremely critical if you want to keep your hands safe on the field. And, if you’re looking for a decent batting glove, it never really gets better than Nike, the biggest provider of sporting equipment in the market. The batting gloves we have our hands on today is one of the best batting gloves you can find in the market.

Nike Force Edge Adult Batting Gloves-M-Red/White

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The Nike Force Edge is made of pure leather that is extremely durable. The gloves may seem a bit costly, but because of how strong they are, it’s more of an investment than an expense. These gloves will last you quite a few years.

The gloves have an amazing fit and grasp the fingers well. The cuffs are made rigid to provide a bit of support to your wrist for a more secure fit.

The inside of the glove is synthetic leather that is comfortable to wear for longer periods. A small con of the leather would be that the gloves aren’t breathable. You’ll feel uncomfortable if you’re using it in places where the temperature is a bit high. You’ll sweat inside the gloves and it won’t dry fast enough even if you do take it off for a few minutes.

Another small downside would be the grip of the Velcro. It loses its touch after a few weeks of usage which takes several points off the table for the Force Edge Batting Gloves.

All things considered, the Nike Force Edge Batting Gloves are definitely a good purchase. With the three different colors and various sizes, they’re extremely flexible with just a couple of things holding them down. Regardless, Nike has done a great job with this glove in our books.

8.5 Total Score

  • Made from pure leather
  • Extremely durable
  • Fits really well
  • Rigid cuffs for a secure fit
  • Gloves will make you sweat
  • Velcro gets weaker with time
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  1. Nike makes the best batting gloves, getting a third pair of force edge

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