Best 14-Inch Softball Glove

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From those on a company team, leisurely players, or avid supports of softball, most softball lovers will tell you the importance of a softball glove. In fact, the fit is one of the key factors to look for. The right one will allow you to catch the ball effectively and to toss the ball more easily. 

If your hand fits a 14-inch glove, then we have some of the best options on the market tested and proven to help you step up your game. 

Best 14-Inch Softball Glove Reviews

Softball gloves are split into two general categories: infield and outfield. Infield gloves are generally shorter and shallower as they are mainly used for fast transfers. 

Outfield gloves, on the other hand, are designed to support and catch all the legendary dives and high flyers we see on epic sports replays. These gloves are longer and deeper compared to infield gloves. 

Infield Gloves

Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball/Softball Glove

Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball Glove, Regular, Slow Pitch Pattern, Basket-Web with Support Strap, Custom Fit, 14 Inch

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The Rawlings glove is ideal for slow pitches and can be used as a baseball and softball glove. While it may seem very sturdy, the break-in period is short and easy. The glove is already 80% broken in right out of the factory. 

The 14-inch glove can be adjusted to fit various wrist sizes with Zero Shock palm padding for impact protection and a non-slip back with a pull strap.

  • Flexible shell
  • 80% broken in
  • Customized fit
  • Adjustable
  • Extra padding
  • Great for baseball and softball

  • Not waterproof

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Mizuno Techfire Slow Pitch Softball Glove

Mizuno GTF1400 Techfire Slowpitch Softball Glove 14", Tartan Web, Left Hand Throw

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The Mizuno Techfire is available for right-handed and southpaw players. What makes this glove unique is it’s crafted with a hybrid of cowhide with EVA foam. This means the Techfire is not only lightweight, but it still retains its structure quite well. These characteristics together will elevate your performance on the field. 

The diamond design makes it specific to softball players and the PowerLock feature adjusts the glove to fit your hand and wrist in the most secure and fastest way. 

  • Specifically designed for the softball player
  • PowerLock feature
  • Flexbridge Hinge technology
  • Hybrid construction
  • Right and left-hand available


Outfield Gloves

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Miken 14” Pro Series Slow Pitch Softball Glove

Miken 14'' Pro Series Slow Pitch Glove, White

Engineered with revolutionary open-cell PORON® XRD® foam throughout the palm and index finger to significantly reduce the impact against blistering line drives, the 2019 Miken® ...
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Made from full-grain leather, the Miken 14-inch Pro Series glove has an added layer of durability. The palm area is fortified with an extra Poron XRD palm pad that will cushion the impact of the ball as it hits.

To make sure the glove has a secure fit around your wrist, you can find an adjustable pull-back strap that gives you control over the fit. Don’t worry about ball snagging as the Pro H Web pattern will eliminate this issue. Once the glove is broken in, you’ll be ready to ramp up your game.

  • Adjustable fit
  • Very durable full-grain leather
  • Extra Poron XRD padding
  • Pro H Web pattern


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Easton Prime Slowpitch Softball Glove

EASTON PRIME Slowpitch Softball Glove | 2020 | Left-Hand Throw | 14" | All Position Glove | H Web |...

Last update was on: July 9, 2024 3:08 am
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The palm and shell of the Easton Prime softball glove are made from prime cowhide that’s sturdy and durable. The glove is mainly crafted from synthetic fibers that will take time to break in. To add to the player’s comfort, the inner lining of the palm is very soft and will help elevate grip and control.

The design is specific to softball to reduce the weight of the overall glove for more mobility. The glove is reliable, offers a very comfortable fit and the neutral black with white stitching looks edgy and cool.

  • Made in the USA
  • Cowhide palm and shell
  • Soft inner palm lining
  • Impact-resistant
  • Lighter weight

  • Not 100% leather construction

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Miken Pro Series 14-Inch Pro140-WW Slowpitch Softball Glove

Miken PRO Series Fielding Glove 14 Inch, White, Left Throw (Worn on Right Hand)

Last update was on: July 9, 2024 3:08 am
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The Pro140-WW Miken Pro Series slow pitch glove is ideal for both competitive and recreational softball players. Made from full-grain and very high-quality soft leather, the glove limits the break-in period and improves its structure.

The beautiful off-white glove has an adjustable non-slip pull strap that allows a custom fit to a player’s wrist. With Pro H Web and Poron XRD technology, the softball glove is comfortable, impact-resistant, and is 70% broken in out of the box.

  • 70% factory break-in
  • Adjustable fit
  • Full-grain leather construction
  • Pro H Web
  • Poron XRD technology
  • Index finger pads

  • Gets very dirty after use
  • Not fully broken in

What to Look for in the Best 14-Inch Softball Glove


Full-grain leather is our recommendation for a comfortable fit and durability. Over time, leather options really mold well to a player’s hand, although these gloves can come at a premium price. 

Fit and Size

Getting the right size is important for a secure fit. Measurement for a softball glove is from the tip of the index finger to the base of the glove, with 14 inches being one of the largest sizes. Look for adjustable straps around the wrist for a snug fit.


Generally, you can find an open web glove with I or H designs, which you can find a lot on infield gloves. The other type is a closed web glove that has a solid piece of material between the index finger and thumb area. Pitchers prefer this type of glove.  

Break-in Period

Ideally, there would be very little break-in necessary for the new softball glove. It would be best if players could unbox, put the glove on and be ready for game day. Gloves that need player break-in will take up a lot of unnecessary time compared to gloves that have a factory break-in period such as Rawlings infield glove and the Miken Pro-140WW outfield softball glove.

Final Thoughts

Aside from picking the right glove for your position on the field, the right fit, type of webbing, and the material play significant roles in finding the perfect option. If you know what to look for, you can find the best one easily in one shot. If not, our above options are great places to start.

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