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Shopping for the right Slowpitch softball glove can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of sizes, colors, styles, and leather combinations that may come to mind. Additionally, brands like Mizuno and Rawlings offer custom options through their custom glove builders.

When you play softball, you want a glove that fits you perfectly. Below, our experts review the best Slowpitch outfield softball gloves based on overall value, quality, style, performance, functionality, and durability.

Here is our list of the best outfield softball gloves that suit any budget:

Mizuno Franchise Slowpitch Softball Glove 12.5-Inch Series

Mizuno GFN1250S3 Franchise Series Slowpitch Softball Gloves, 12.5", Right Hand Throw, Coffee/Silver Tartan X Web

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Are you looking for the best slowpitch softball glove? Then, you cannot go wrong with the Mizuno Franchise Slowpitch Glove Series. Elevate your game with this well-thought-out glove. This 12.5-inch model is outfitted with an adjustable strap on the wrist, making it an ideal custom fit for players with a skinny wrist and longer fingers.

This finely crafted glove uses pre-oiled tumbled leather for a game-ready, buttery-soft feel. This Mizuno unisex glove is very easy to break-in. 


  • HiLo alternating lace pattern maintains the integrity of a fully laced web, offering consistent stability & flexibility.
  • Designed specifically for a softball player
  • It’s soft and big (12.5″) and doesn’t take much breaking in or condition.
  • Right-Hand Throw means the glove goes on your right hand. Perfect for a left-handed thrower.
  • It’s made from pre-oiled Java leather, which makes it long-lasting and durable.

Rawlings Heart of The Hide 12.75-inch Baseball Glove Series

Rawlings Heart of The Hide Baseball Glove, Pro H Web, 12.75 inch, Right Hand Throw, Camel/Tan/Grey

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The Rawlings Heart of the Hide baseball 12.75-inch glove is meticulously crafted from ultra-premium steer hide leather to help you perform your best. With an additional 25% factory break-in, you’ll be able to hit the field right away. It’s the perfect choice for outfielders who want an easy break-in process.

With the Heart of the Hide baseball glove, you get the same pro-quality features you’d expect from the Rawlings brand. An additional soft full-grain finger back lining, padded thumb sleeve, and deer tanned cowhide palm lining offer superior comfort when playing long innings.

This Heart of the Hide 12.75-inch Pro H Web glove is made with a 200 pattern, making it a great choice for outfielders, reaching fly balls that are hit their way all day long.

Avid softball players with smaller hands can join the next class of defensive greats using the Heart of the Hide glove, which features an adjustable back opening with a smaller wrist opening, narrow & lowered finger stalls.


  • Colorway: Grey | Camel | Tan
  • Rawhide Leather Laces add durability and strength to the glove.
  • Ideal for outfielders.

Easton Ghost Tournament Elite Fastpitch Softball Glove Series

EASTON GHOST TOURNAMENT ELITE Fastpitch Softball Glove, 11.75, RHT, GTEFP1175

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Are you looking for a glove that bridges the gap between a beginner’s glove and an elite glove model? The Easton Ghost Tournament Elite 12.75-Inch Fastpitch Softball Glove is a model you want to take notice of.

Easton built this glove with the same patterns as their Professional Collection Fastpitch gloves. The glove is designed with high school and travel ball players in mind. In addition, if you don’t like catching a softball in your palm, then this glove’s 12.75″ length basket (with its H-Web) is perfect for that.

The glove is handcrafted from Diamond Pro Steer USA leather, which is beneficial to players who don’t have the hand strength of college fastpitch players. A supple leather lining adds comfort and feels to the player’s hand.

The Ghost Tournament Elite glove is designed with a Quantum Closure System that’s fully adjustable for a more secure, tighter fit and optimal control. Easton uses professional-grade rawhide laces to add durability.


  • Ideal for outfielders
  • Fairly easy to break-in
  • Designed With A Snugger Fit For A Female Hand
  • Snakeskin embossed leather accents for that extra flair

Infield vs Outfield Gloves

Every position on the softball field requires a glove with different sizes, webbing, and pocket depth. Infielders and outfielders must have the right glove to fulfill their specific roles. Still not sure which glove to choose? Here are the main differences between outfield gloves and infield gloves.

Infield Gloves

Infield players require a glove that’s versatile with a shorter length because they need to make quick plays and switch between different positions. Typically an infielder will wear a size 11”-12” glove. Additionally, an infield glove features an  I or H web and shallow pocket for quick ball transfer without catching too much dirt.

Outfield Gloves

Outfield players need a glove with a bigger pocket to easily catch fly balls and line drives. Most outfielders wear a size 12″ – 14″ glove. In addition, an outfield glove with a closed web offers extra support when making catches.

Best Size Glove for Slow Pitch Softball Outfield

Rawlings Renegade 13-Inch Softball Glove

Rawlings Renegade 13" BB/SB, FB/Basket R130BGS-6/0 Gloves, Right Hand Throw

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$58.07 $70.00

Are you a recreational baseball or slowpitch softball player? Are you looking for a nice leather mitt suited to the recreational league? The Rawlings Renegade 13″ slowpitch softball glove is an ideal choice for you.

The Renegade glove is equipped with a durable full-grain leather shell, features a deep flexible pocket for softball or baseball use. The glove is game-ready right out of the box. Rawlings applies a factory break-in, so little to no player break-in is required.

The durable yet lightweight pro mesh backing allows the leather shell to maintain its structure for a long-lasting glove while providing optimal balance for extra quickness on defense. Additionally, the high-density palm and finger padding add the extra impact protection and comfort you need to easily take a ball at 60+ mph across the diamond, without hurting your hand.


  • Flexible pocket for sure catch control
  • Velcro straps for a custom fit
  • Palm pads for impact protection

Rawlings GG Elite Series 13” Slowpitch Glove

Rawlings 13'' GG Elite Series Slowpitch Glove 2022, shell

SERIES OVERVIEW: Top-Grade Leather: Premium leather shell boasts superior durability for long-lasting performance Pro Style Patterns: Inspired designs have been optimized for all ...
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$139.99 $179.99

The Rawlings GG Elite Slowpitch glove is for those who want a glove that won’t crack after using it for 12 months. The glove has a leather shell, handcrafted from top-grade leather, offering superior durability and long-lasting performance.

The GG Elite features pro-style patterns that combine with pro-grade materials to deliver the quality and performance the pros demand and rely on season after season. The glove is reinforced with zero shock palm padding to increase impact protection while catching the balls.


  • Padded finger back linings that deliver a cushioned feel during play
  • Leather Lacing allows the structure of the glove to hold together for increased durability
  • Boa hand openings for a softer entry as well as maintaining solid durability

Wilson A950 Series 13” Slowpitch Glove

Wilson 13'' A950 Series Slowpitch Glove, Men's, brown

Old-school construction with a game-ready feel, the Wilson® 13’’ A950 Series Slow Pitch Glove features a full-grain leather build and elite pocket stability that conforms to the ...
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As you prepare for the next big match, the Wilson A950 13-inch glove is one slowpitch or baseball gear worth having in your bag. The glove is designed for players looking to compete at higher levels and those who want a traditional, broken-in feel.

The 13″ A950 glove features a full-grain cowhide leather build with elite pocket stability. Wilson incorporates Dual Welting technology on the A950’s backside, allowing players to close the pocket around a ball with ease, and also help it retain its shape game after game. The glove is expertly broken in, to conform to your hand. The A950 is ready for action right out of the box.


  • Strong leather laces that make the glove sufferable in tough conditions.
  • A rich premium looks for that cool look whenever you wear it.
  • A utility glove makes it an excellent choice for outfielders and pitchers alike.
  • Double palm construction and a victory web design for superior comfort and performance.

Easton Prime SlowPitch 14″ Softball Glove

2022 Prime Slowpitch 14-Inch Softball Glove | RHT

The Prime™ Slowpitch Series features softball-specific patterns designed with a wider heel and more pocket depth. These gloves are built with a game-ready, oil-tanned leather palm ...
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Let your impact on the diamond be known with the Easton all-new Prime Slowpitch 14-inch glove. The Prime Slowpitch is a great choice for both recreational & pro players who want to dominate on defense.

The glove is made from game-ready oil-tanned cowhide leather for superior durability and withstands the rigors of active defensive play. Additionally, it boasts a super soft palm lining that lessens the sting of hard-hit line drives. This slow-pitch softball glove boasts of structure that enhances your overall grip and control of the ball.

The Easton Prime slow pitch softball glove features a tall 14-inch opening with a classic H-web design that helps make sure the ball sits securely inside the pocket during every catch. Like all other slowpitch gloves in the Easton Prime series, it’s designed with a softball-specific pattern that offers more pocket depth and excellent impact durability.


  • Leather laces. 
  • A traditional open back.

Wilson A360 Series 14″ Slowpitch Glove

Wilson 14" A360 Series Slowpitch Glove, shell

Product Details: 14" Weave Web Adjustable Velcro Fit CarbonLite Shell reduces weight while keeping durable
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If you are on a tight budget- you can’t go wrong with the Wilson A360 14″ slowpitch glove. This 14-inch is one of the most versatile gloves in the Wilson slowpitch series. You will feel at home whether you end up playing first base or outfield (center or right).

Combined with the V-Lace web, the A360 gives you the ability to play every position on the field. In addition, the glove comes outfitted with a Velcro wrist strap that allows you to adjust its tightness to the right setting.

For players with bigger hands, the A360 from Wilson is an excellent glove for a nice game of softball. The glove requires little or no re-working or breaking in. The Wilson A360 glove stretches well in the pocket area, allowing the ball to sit right in on every throw & catch.


  • Synthetic Leather lining
  • reduces weight while keeping durable
  • 14″ length

Miken Pro Series Slowpitch Softball Glove

Miken Pro Series Slowpitch Softball Glove, 14 inch, White/Red, Left Hand Throw

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Do you need a mitt, but you’re on a budget? The Miken Pro slowpitch softball glove is the perfect fit for you. It offers superior comfort, durability, and performance. If you’ve recently joined an adult league softball team and need a glove that feels great right out of the package, the Pro Series 14-inch glove comes with several great features.

This Miken slowpitch glove is made from high-quality, full-grain leather, allowing players to break it in more quickly. The glove also shapes itself to players’ hands and retains this shape for the years it is in use.

The Miken’s Poron XRD index finger and palm padding eliminates hand-sting, allowing players to confidently receive powerful, high-velocity balls and maintain that close-to-the-ball feel. The glove also comes with an adjustable quick-release wrist pull strap system so players can custom fit the glove snugly to their hand’s unique shape.


  • Easy break-in (70% in the factory, 30% by player) for 
  • You can almost use the glove right out of the packaging. 
  • H-Web design makes the glove an excellent choice for catching fly balls.
  • Recommended for adults playing competitive and recreational slow pitch softball.

Easton PRIME Slowpitch Softball Glove Series (Sizes 12.5″ – 14″)

Easton Prime Slowpitch Softball Glove, 12.5", RHT, Softball Deep Pocket Design, Single Post Web, PSP125, Multicolor, Medium

Last update was on: June 14, 2024 3:04 am
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Feel like a pro with the all-new Easton Prime slowpitch softball glove. This glove is designed with the latest softball-specific patterns, providing more pocket depth and a wider heel, making it perfect for outfielders.

The Prime Slowpitch glove features a game-ready, oil-tanned leather and super soft palm lining for enhanced grip, ball control, and long-lasting comfort.

Additionally, the glove features rawhide leather laces that add impact durability, allowing you to make faster glove-to-hand ball transfers. Overall, this glove is designed to stand up even after years of patrolling center field.

Louisville Slugger TPS Slowpitch Softball Glove Series

Louisville Slugger TPS 14" Slowpitch Softball Glove - Left Hand Throw

Last update was on: June 14, 2024 3:04 am
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The Louisville Slugger brand is a trusted name in baseball. With the TPS series, Louisville Slugger has built a slowpitch glove that offers the same level of reliability as their baseball bats. The Louisville Slugger TPS slow pitch glove is designed, assembled, and tested with performance in mind.

The TPS slowpitch glove combines high-end, top-shelf leather and a professional design to give you the ultimate comfort you deserve during games. Additionally, this Louisville Slugger glove arrives game-ready right off the box – it requires little to no break-in period.

Most gloves beat up after a long season that’s why Louisville Slugger utilizes high-quality leather laces to ensure the glove has better pocket retention and shape – which can hold up season after season.

The glove is made to fit players of all hand sizes. Thanks to the drawstring closure on the back of the wrist.


  • 14″ Slowpitch Softball glove
  • A dual post web pattern
  • Full leather construction in Black or Gold
  • Left-hand Throw means it worn on the right hand

Easton Tournament Elite 15″ SlowPitch Softball Glove

2022 Tournament Elite Slowpitch 15-Inch Softball Glove | RHT

The Tournament Elite Series gloves are built with Diamond Pro USA steerhide leather and softball-specific patterns designed with a wider heel and more pocket depth. The Quantum ...
in stock

Do you want to take to the field with a high-quality piece of leather glove? The Easton Tournament Elite slowpitch 15-inch softball glove should be your go-to glove. This slowpitch glove is built with Easton’s Diamond Pro Steer USA Leather combined with a specific softball pattern design for more pocket depth and a wider heel.

Additionally, the Tournament Elite 15″ slow pitch gloves feature a Quantum Closure System combined with a single welting construction that allows it to form & hold excellent shape for many seasons. The glove is fully adjustable for a more secure, tighter fit and optimal control.

The Easton Tournament Elite series is built to give slowpitch players all the confidence they need. Unlike regular baseball glove heels, this glove features a wider heel to catch those balls on the fly. Its 15-inch length makes the glove extremely long, which is preferable for outfield players. But it doesn’t matter whether you play infield or outfield the Tournament Elite has you covered.

Eston has added snakeskin-embossed leather accents on the back of the glove for that extra flair and fresh look.


  • Recommended for Pros
  • Professional-Grade Rawhide Lac
  • Smooth Cowhide Lining
  • Requires 40% Player Break-In

Best Slow Pitch Softball Glove for Outfield

Rawlings Girls Highlight Series 12.5” Softball Glove

Rawlings 12.5'' Girls' Highlight Series Softball Glove 2022, shell

SERIES OVERVIEW: Soft pigskin leather shell offers premium durability Cushioned Brushed Nylon finger back lining for a comfortable feel Sure Catch heel design for easy close ...
in stock

The Rawlings 12.5″ Girls’ Highlight softball glove is one of the best options for those looking for a quality, durable slow pitch outfield glove that will last your girl for many years. In our opinion, it’s the absolute best softball glove for girls.

The Rawlings Girls’ 12.5-inch Highlight Series features a soft pigskin leather shell for maximum durability. An additional brushed nylon finger back lining and cushioning provides impact protection & a comfortable feel.

The glove comes with a sure catch heel design for easy closing and an internal palm pad for consistent cushioning and impact protection. Rawlings has added a hook-and-loop wrist strap that allows players to adjust the glove for a snug fit during games.

Rawlings Girls’ Highlight Series 12”  Fastpitch Glove

Rawlings 12'' Girls' Highlight Series Fastpitch Glove 2021, Women's, shell

Create Your Highlight: Soft pigskin leather shell offers premium durability Cushioned Brushed Nylon finger back lining for a comfortable feel Sure Catch heel design for easy close ...
in stock

The Rawlings 12-inch Girls’ Highlight Series Fastpitch Glove is guaranteed to take your daughter’s game to the next level. The soft pigskin leather shell makes the glove lightweight wear, while the brushed nylon finger linings add an extra layer of comfort.

The Highlight series fastpitch glove has a sure catch heel design for easy ball control when handling. This glove features a basket web integration, which makes it an ideal choice for outfield and infield players. An adjustable wrist strap encourages a secure fit, while the internal palm padding offers consistent impact cushioning.

Rawlings Heart of The Hide Baseball Glove Series Contour & R2G Fit Models

Rawlings Heart of The Hide Contour Series Baseball Glove, 12.5 inch, Pro H Web, Right Hand Throw

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Are you looking for a glove that’ll inspire youth athletes to reach their full potential? The Heart of the Hide R2G & Contour 12.5-inch softball gloves are designed with outfield players in mind. The Pro H Web design on the glove gives it a larger pocket, making it the perfect softball or baseball glove for tracking down fly balls across the outfield.

The Contour & R2G glove series features a specific pattern that is tailored to fit like a glove on smaller & thinner hands. Additionally, this Heart of the Hide baseball glove features a lowered finger stall design and an adjustable wrist opening with pull lace allowing players to have a custom, secure fit for better control of the glove when fielding.

Rawlings understands how hard it can be to break in your glove that’s why the Contour & R2G glove arrives 65% factory broken in for a game-ready feel. Only 35% player break-in is required. Each model is created from premium Heart of the Hide deer tanned Cowhide Steer Leather. The Palm Lining and soft full-grain finger back linings add extra comfort and durability.

Easton Professional Collection Fastpitch Softball Glove Series

Easton | PROFESSIONAL COLLECTION Fastpitch Softball Glove | 12.75" | H-Web | Left Hand Throw

Last update was on: June 14, 2024 3:04 am
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Are you searching for a glove that you can use on second base, shortstop, & third Base? The Easton Professional Collection fastpitch softball gloves are crafted from premium reserve USA steer hide leather, which can hold up to the high demands of travel softball, high school softball, and even college softball.

In addition, this glove features a specific softball pattern combined with a quantum closure system on the back for a more snug & secure fit. Professional-grade USA-tanned rawhide laces combine with Easton’s classic cowhide palm lining for maximum comfort and feel.

The glove features a moisture-wicking wrist lining pad that allows players to stay cool, dry, & comfortable when making big plays. An additional full leather lining maximizes break-in memory and comfort. The glove’s steer hides binding and welting allows better shape retention and longevity.


  • 11.5-inch female-specific pattern 
  • Premium Reserve USA steer hide leather 
  • Pro-grade rawhide laces 
  • Quantum Closure System
  • Adjustable pull-tab wrist closure

Rawlings Encore Baseball Gloves Series

Rawlings Encore Youth Baseball Glove, Black, White, Gold, 12.5 inch

Last update was on: June 14, 2024 3:04 am
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Considered one of the most durable gloves you’ll ever buy, the Rawlings Encore baseball glove takes full advantage of its 12.5-inch length and an all-leather construction to offer outfielders a competitive edge to get to every fly ball.

The glove is recommended to players between the ages of 8 to 14 because it offers better hand protection and shape retention. Additionally, an extended web base allows younger players to close fingers around the glove more easily.

Players looking for a more comfortable experience and an extra layer of defense against hard-hit balls will find the Encore’s extended glove base and palm protection which is useful every time they go to the field.


  • Customized fit, thanks to the Adjustable hand opening. 
  • 65% factory break-in, only 35% player break-in needed.

Miken Player Series, Slowpitch Softball Glove (Sizes 13″ – 15″)

Miken Player Series Slowpitch Softball Glove, 14 inch, Left Hand Throw

Last update was on: June 14, 2024 3:04 am
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The newest additions to the Miken brand of gloves are the Player Series Slow Pitch Softball Gloves, 13″-15″. Just like its predecessors, the Player Series slowpitch glove offers both consistency and durability as expected from the Miken brand.

The Miken Player Series 13″ – 15″ Slow Pitch Softball Gloves are handcrafted from full-grain leather for a game-ready feel and enhanced durability. Miken added a Poron XRD palm and index finger padding, offering significant impact reduction to protect your hand.

The Player Series glove has an adjustable, quick-release wrist pull strap system that allows players to custom-fit the glove quickly and securely. Lastly, with a 90% factory break-in, this glove arrives ready for the diamond, straight from the box.


  • Recommended for youths playing competitive and recreational slow pitch softball.
  • The glove has a perfect game-ready feel

Miken Pro Series (PRO140-WW) 14-Inch  Slowpitch Softball Glove

Miken PRO Series Fielding Glove 14 Inch, White, Right Throw (Worn on Left Hand)

Last update was on: June 14, 2024 3:04 am
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$117.88 $149.95

Mike has been a staple brand in the slow pitch game for years. The Miken Pro Series 14″ slow pitch softball glove is the latest addition to the history of Miken Gloves. The Pro Series 14-inch delivers consistency & durability, which you’ve come to expect from the Miken brand.

Looking at the Miken 14″ Pro Series (PRO140-WSN) Slow Pitch Softball Glove up close, you’ll notice it’s crafted from full-grain soft leather that provides better shape retention and reduced break-in time.

This glove boasts Poron XRD palm and index finger padding, designed to reduce the impact of balls, protecting your hands. Additionally, the non-slip pull strap back gives this Pro Series glove a custom, adjustable fit, unlike others.


  • Ideal for playing competitive and recreational softball. 
  • The perfect game-ready feel.
  • Fast break-in time (glove arrives with 70% factory break-in, only 30% player break-in required.

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