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With 31 years of experience in the sports equipment industry, there is no doubt that DeMarini offers some of the best products for baseball and softball players around the globe. Among their numerous lines, the Paradox Helmets are one of their most appealing products for ball players who want to deliver a great performance on the field.

DeMarini Paradox Batting Helmet in Royal Blue - Size: L - XL

The DeMarini Paradox Batting Helmet is a helmet designed by the leaders in hitting, to appeal, to well, hitters. This helmet has a profile any ball player will appreciate. The ...
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The Paradox Helmet was designed to offer great protection without compromising comfort. The helmet uses a Dual-Density Padding that includes an antimicrobial barrier to stay cool during those hot summer days. This padding is also low-density, ensuring that the helmet is lightweight and making it easy to wear for even the youngest players with a high-quality coverage on the ear/jaw area, as opposite to other helmets that lack padding around this zone and increase injury risk.

The facemask attachment is solid and gives great protection while also allowing the player to have a clear, full vision of the game – the use of glasses with this helmet is not an issue. The top was designed with a venting system that will also keep you cool, and the low-profile shell makes it a helmet that fits perfectly and won’t flop around on your face.

One of the details that has caught young player’s eyes is the diverse color pattern of this product, which goes from black to blue, to even red, and its rubberized matte finish will definitely give you a nice look on the field. You can also add a C-Flap to you Paradox Helmet for an additional safety level.

In terms of size, which is often an issue with helmets, the Paradox Helmet comes in S/M (6 3/8 – 7 1/8), L/XL (7 – 7 5/8). This variety of sizes, along with the Dual-Density Padding inside, offers players a variety that may be hard to find in other equipments due to the lack of products for larger fit.

The Paradox Helmet offers the protection, fit, comfort and functionality that ball players seek for, no matter their age, even in the hottest summer days.

Want to know more about this helmet? Watch this video by Baseball Savings!

9.5 Total Score
Amazing fit for optimal protection

The Paradox Helmets are one of their most appealing products for players who want to deliver a great performance on the field while feeling safe and comfortable.

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