Wilson Onyx Fastpitch Glove Review

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The Wilson Onyx fastpitch glove series is an expert line of gloves that have taken the softball world by storm. This high quality glove is built with a number of premium materials and features that make it ideal for competitive players looking for a glove that will give them an edge on the field. This glove is ideal for infielders.

This glove is crafted out of Double Play leather, which was formulated by Wilson to break in quickly while retaining a high level of durability. This leather also offers a superior feel, allowing players to easily maneuver this glove, and close it quickly and firmly around the ball. This specially formulated material assists players in making quicker ball transfers than ever before.

Thanks to this glove’s Rolled Dual Welting technology, this glove requires very little breaking in, and comes virtually game-ready right out of the package. In terms of comfort, this glove takes advantage of a Double Palm construction, protecting players from high-velocity balls and preventing unwanted hand sting. This gives players the confidence they need to catch any ball that comes their way without hesitation.

Wilson has even included a 100-day “love your glove” guarantee. That means that if you’re not completely in love with this glove within the first 100 days of using it, you can send it back to Wilson for a full, no-questions asked refund.  As usual, with a new softball glove you probably want to break it in – check out our detailed guide on how to break in a softball glove to get yours game ready as soon as possible.


  • A line of expert-level gloves that have surged in popularity.
  • High-quality glove built with premium materials.
  • Ideal glove for infielders.
  • Constructed out of Double Play leather, specially formulated for a quick break-in period while also having long-lasting durability.
  • Easy maneuverability and great feel.
  • This glove is easy to close around the ball.
  • Specially crafted to help players make faster ball transfers.
  • Incorporates Rolled Dual Welting technology for a quick and easy break-in period that’s almost ready for game play right out of the packaging.
  • Uses a Double Palm construction to protect players from high-impact balls and prevent hand sting.
  • Every glove comes with a risk-free, 100-day “love your glove” guarantee.

Wilson Onyx G5 Web Fastpitch Glove, 11.75", Black/White, Left Hand

Last update was on: May 7, 2022 8:41 pm
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Wilson Onyx Victory Web Fastpitch Glove, 12.5", White/Black, Left Hand Throw

Last update was on: May 7, 2022 8:41 pm
in stock

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