Best First Base Softball Glove

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For those of you who didn’t know this, first baseman gloves are also known as mitts and they are specifically designed to aid in some unique actions that are connected to the act of playing the first base. These gloves are typically bigger than other players’ gloves and they contain a funnel shape as well. They’re also equipped with an extra layer of padding – the reason for this is that one of the bigger functions of these gloves is to lessen the brunt of a ball that’s thrown a little bit harder than it should have been.

Another thing that separates these gloves from all the other ones is that instead of having separated fingers on the outside, they are shaped more like mittens. There’s a lot of different first baseman gloves available out there today, which is why it can be quite difficult to know which ones to choose, especially if you’re still relatively new to the sport. And now, we’re going to take a look at some of the best first baseman gloves that you can find these days!

Best Fastpitch Softball first Base Glove

Easton Fastpitch Softball Glove

EASTON PROFESSIONAL COLLECTION Fastpitch Softball Glove, 13", RHT, First Base Mitt, Dual Bar Single Post Web, PCFP313

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First of all, these are the highest-end fastpitch softball gloves that Easton has ever made and, as you may already imagine, they come with a lot of great features. One of the biggest differences between baseball and softball gloves lies in the size of their pockets. To have an easier time catching a big softball, your glove needs to have a big, deep pocket. When compared to other Easton gloves, these ones have an even wider and deeper pocket.

Another big feature of these gloves is called the webbing, which allows you to easily adjust the fit of your glove. The original name of this feature is actually Quantum Closure System. Also, quality-wise, these gloves can easily compete with the likes of Wilson and Rawlings gloves, which basically means that they are really good. As you may already know, a high-end fastpitch glove should always perform well and have a quick break-in time. Well, we’re happy to say that these gloves do both of those things extremely well. These gloves have great control and they are extremely comfortable to wear once your hands fully break them in.

Keep in mind that since these are higher-priced gloves, they aren’t really made for younger or inexperienced players, which means that only college and professional players should wear them. Generally speaking, these gloves are quite awesome and they are definitely an upgrade from Easton’s last Professional Collection, which came out back in 2019.

Louisville Slugger LXT Fastpitch Glove

Louisville Slugger 2019 LXT 13" First Base Fastpitch Mitt - Right Hand Throw

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The Louisville Slugger LXT gloves have successfully established themselves as some of the best Fastpitch glove options that the world has to offer. One of the many things that make this glove such a good choice is the X-Spand wrist opening that allows for a perfect fit no matter what size of hand you have. Double-oiled, full-grain, steer hide leather makes these gloves both exceptionally soft and extremely durable at the same time.

The adjustable wrist strap is another important thing that should be mentioned here since it always does a great job of making the experience as comfortable as possible for anyone who decides to wear this glove. These gloves are also perfectly suitable for women. With this in mind, if you’re looking for a softball glove that’s both long-lasting and pretty much unmatched on the field, LXT is totally one of your best options.

There’s a good reason why so many veterans of the sport still like to wear these gloves – it’s because they are highly durable and extremely comfortable. Since these gloves are always so good, it’s quite difficult to say anything bad about them. Generally speaking, the Louisville Slugger LXT Fastpitch Glove is one of the best options available today. LXT is also a great bat series – check out our Louisville Slugger LXT review here!

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Best Men’s Softball First Base Glove

Worth Fastpitch Softball Century Series 12.5-inch First Baseman’s Mitt

Worth Softball Century Series 12.5-inch Fastpitch First Baseman's Mitt, Left-Hand Throw

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There’s a reason why the Worth Sports brand has been at the forefront of sporting goods innovation for more than 100 years now. Made from full-grain steer hide and oil-treated shell leather, there’s no doubt that these gloves would give you a better game experience than just about any other glove out there ever could.

Leather finger back linings and a leather palm liner make this one of the best gloves that you could possibly get these days without having to spend a fortune. There’s one more important thing that we would like to mention here – these gloves are pretty much designed for female hands.

To sum it all up, this is definitely one of the best gloves that you could possibly find these days. It even fits men’s hands perfectly. The material is really soft and extremely workable, which is always a good thing.

Rawlings Liberty Advanced Fastpitch Softball Glove

Rawlings Liberty Advanced Series Custom Fastpitch Glove/Mitt, Women's

Continuing to push the boundaries of performance and protection, the Rawlings® Liberty® Advanced Series Fastpitch Gloves are developed with time-tested materials and revolutionary ...
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Rawlings 12'' Liberty Advanced Series Fastpitch Glove, Women's, White

Continuing to push the boundaries of performance and protection, the Rawlings® Liberty® Advanced Series Fastpitch Gloves are developed with time-tested materials and revolutionary ...
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Rawlings Liberty Advanced Softball Glove Series, 13 inch - Single Post Web/Pull Strap

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The Rawlings brand is known for using premium, full-grain, tanned leather on all of its Liberty Advanced gloves. While some of the gloves utilize the same kind of leather both on the inside and on the outside, others have softer, deer-tanned leather on the inside. All of the gloves from this series utilize high and heavy, professional-quality laces, and are great for all infielder positions.

Another thing that makes these gloves so good is that they’re typically 80% broken in from the get-go. After opening the package, the player just needs to add the remaining 20% to the break-in process. That being said, it’s safe to say that Rawlings’ Liberty Advanced gloves are some of the most comfortable softball gloves that the world has to offer.

The only downfall of these gloves is that they won’t fit everyone. Just like many other fastpitch softball gloves, these gloves are equipped with smaller finger stalls, which means that they are made for female hands. Unless your hands are either extremely large or extremely small, you should definitely give these gloves a chance.

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Best Softball First Base Mitt

Louisville Slugger 13’’ Zephyr Fastpitch Softball First Base MIT

LOUISVILLE SLUGGER 13” Zephyr Fastpitch Softball First Base MIT

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These gloves are made from oil-treated, top-grade steer hide leather, which gives them that superior quality that they’re known for. This kind of leather allows for a long-lasting shape and soft feel. It should also be noted that these gloves come with a small wrist opening and narrow finger stalls, both of which do a great job of providing players with a snug fit and great control.

The Bruise-Guard padding adds an extra layer of protection to the finger and palm areas. Also, the Coolmax finger linings do a phenomenal job of keeping perspiration away from the wearer’s hands, thus automatically allowing for more comfort and better control. Dye-through lacing increases the glove’s durability in a way that has never been seen before.

Louisville Slugger has always been one of the best softball glove designers in the world and things have stayed the same this time as well. We would also like to add that these gloves fit female hands pretty much perfectly. Generally speaking, another awesome collection of gloves from this brand.

Rawlings R9 Series Fastpitch Softball Glove

Rawlings R9 Series Fastpitch Softball First Base Mitt, Mod Pro H Web, 12.5 inch, Left Hand Throw

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The all-new Rawlings R9 Series softball gloves are some of the best gloves that the market has to offer. They are equipped with full-grain, high-quality leather featuring a factory break-in of an incredible 80%. This means that you won’t have to spend a lot of time trying to break in these gloves. The interior of these gloves features leather-cushioned palm padding that allows for better impact protection.

Also, the pull-strap closure creates a better fit for these gloves. The Rawlings R9 Series 12.00″ Fastpitch Glove features a Basket-web, a soft and durable game-ready shell design, and a reinforced palm pad. These gloves would fit an adult’s hands perfectly.

Ever since Rawlings started creating softball gloves, they’ve been doing nothing but a phenomenal job. So, to sum it all up, these gloves feature a good web and they’re quite flexible as well. If you’re serious about the sport, you should totally give these gloves a chance.


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