Best Women’s Softball Sliding Shorts

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The best way to avoid injury is to wear protective gear. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort. The women’s softball sliding shorts are made of breathable, moisture-wicking material. They feature a comfortable contoured fit that allows you to slide without getting caught up in fabric. These women’s softball slider shorts have a unique, form-fitting design that provides freedom of movement while keeping you secure.

The shorts won’t restrict your range of motion. They feature an elastic waistband that provides a snug fit and a built-in drawstring to help you keep them in place. These women’s sliding shorts are perfect for anyone serious about playing the game.

The list carries the best options for women’s softball shorts from the top brands on the market. These women’s softball slider shorts come in various styles, colors, and sizes. 

Under Armour Women’s Softball Slider Shorts

Under Armour Women's Softball Slider Shorts

PERFORMANCE DESIGN The Under Armour® Women's Softball Slider Shorts are designed with a wide flat waistband that sits just right on the hips Breathable HeatGear® fabric delivers ...
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Under Armour® Softball Sliders are made from the most advanced lightweight, breathable HeatGear® fabric. With this lightweight material, you can stay calm and focused all day and feel confident in your uniform. This fabric wicks sweat away from the body to help keep you dry during play. The elastic waistband sits at just the right point on the hips for a snug fit, so you’re ready for the game. And Iso-Chill fabric disperses body heat and helps to keep you cool and comfortable, even if the competition heats up.

RIP-IT Women’s Period-Protection Softball Sliding Shorts Pro

RIP-IT Women's Period-Protection Softball Sliding Shorts Pro

Cover the field with passion and aggression as you make diving efforts to save your team with the RIP-IT® Women’s Period-Protection Softball Sliding Shorts Pro. Outfitted with ...
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RIP-IT Women’s Period-Protection Softball Sliding Shorts Pro is constructed to be comfortable, versatile, and supportive. These softball shorts are designed with strategically placed layers of breathable fabric to keep you cool and comfortable during your period. They are made with anti-microbial fabric that helps prevent odor and protects against bacteria, so you stay fresh and clean. The high-impact padding absorbs impact to help protect you and keep you comfortable during your slide. The strategic placement of the padding also helps provide added support during dives and slides. Built-in protection on the leg panels provides added comfort and confidence during your period.

Adidas Women’s Softball Sliding Shorts

adidas Women's Softball Sliding Shorts

Execute your next slide into home plate with confidence knowing you’ll be fully protected against abrasions while wearing the adidas® Women’s Sliding Shorts. Outfitted with ...
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Adidas® Softball pants offer outstanding performance with the look of premium leggings. These softball pants are designed to protect players from abrasions while helping them to recover quickly between innings. These softball shorts have lightweight padding on critical areas, including the hips and knees, to manage and absorb the impact from any ball contact while keeping players comfortable throughout the game. They are made with a breathable, stretchy fabric that wicks moisture away from athletes to help them stay cool and dry. The soft, comfortable fabric makes these softball pants easy to wear throughout the game. Made with adidas® aeroready® technology, these women’s softball pants are highly durable and designed to last. 

The Adidas softball shorts are designed to be the perfect pair of softball pants for players who demand comfort from their performance wear. 

Nike Women’s Dri-FIT Softball Slider Shorts

Nike Women's Dri-FIT Softball Slider Shorts

Train with intensity and purpose during team or individual workouts by gearing up in the Nike® Women’s Dri-FIT® Softball Slider Shorts. These shorts can be worn during practices ...
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Designed with sweat management in mind, the Nike® Women’s Dri-FIT® Softball Slider Shorts are built to keep you dry, comfortable, and focused on your game. The Dri-FIT® technology, which moves sweat away from your skin for quicker evaporation, is strategically placed in the seams. At the same time, the stretchy fabric lets you move naturally during practice or competition. A tight fit for a body-hugging feel, the Dri-FIT® Softball Slider Shorts are designed for players looking for a soft feel against their skin. Elastic waistband and inseam gusset lining provide a tailored fit.

Mizuno Women’s Nighthawk Softball Sliding Shorts

Mizuno Women's Nighthawk Softball Sliding Shorts

Slide with confidence and be aggressive in the Mizuno® Nighthawk Sliding Shorts, with lightweight moisture-wicking fabric and a shorter inseam that gives elite athletes the ...
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Mizuno Women’s Nighthawk Softball Sliding Shorts are designed to help you play all day at a fast pace without discomfort. This pair of women’s Mizuno Nighthawk Softball Sliding Shorts are made with lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric that controls moisture for a comfortable, athletic feel. Its padding provides additional abrasion protection, while the side paneling helps keep the shorts in place. This pair of shorts is designed for players looking for more performance in a more casual uniform. The shorter inseam keeps the shorts from bunching up under your uniform, ensuring that they stay in place during play.

CHAMPRO Women’s Windmill Fastpitch Softball Compression Sliding Shorts

CHAMPRO Windmill Women's Sliding Short - Polyester/Spandex, Women's Medium, Grey

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The CHAMPRO is committed to making you look your best on the field and off. These compression shorts provide the same support and protection as a traditional athletic cup. A unique blend of high-compression, breathable fabrics offers superior comfort and a secure, smooth feel. The Women’s Windmill compression sliding short has been specifically designed to help you improve your performance while protecting your sensitive areas. CHAMPRO has combined the right amount of moisture-wicking materials with a soft, comfortable fabric to keep you cool and dry all game long. The smooth contour lines make this garment a must-have for any woman who wants to look her best while playing sports.


Mizuno Aero Vent Padded Sliding Short

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Made from 100% polyester with a brushed finish for a soft, clean look, this short is perfect for girls looking to get a little protection during practice. The women’s aero vent padded fast slides easily over the hips and knees to provide excellent knee support and protection. At the same time, a soft, brushed inner liner feels fantastic against the skin. It features a smooth, brushed waistband with two drawstring adjustable leg cuffs for safety and easy on and off.

Designed for players seeking maximum safety and ease, the Women’s Aerovent Padded Sliding Short provides superior padding to protect against abrasions during sliding and impacts. Its comfortable aero mesh panels along the sides, back, and leg openings will keep you cool and dry. Its elastic waistband offers additional support.


Mizuno Low Rise Compression Sliding Shorts

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The Mizuno Low Rise Compression Sliding Shorts are constructed with a fabric designed to wick sweat away from the skin and keep you feeling relaxed and dry. They also feature compression panels which provide increased muscle support and help control the swelling that occurs when muscles are stretched, helping to prevent injuries. A slim cut and low rise design gives this short a modern silhouette and provides enhanced comfort and support. The compression fit of the shorts creates a smooth contour under your clothing that promotes blood flow throughout your legs. Mizuno’s compression fit shorts offer support and comfort for your leg muscles. 

Adidas Girls’ Destiny Printed Softball Sliding Shorts

adidas Girls' Destiny Printed Softball Sliding Shorts

Constructed with lightweight climalite® fabric and padded at critical points at the lower body, the adidas® Destiny Softball Sliding Shorts feature a sharp animal print look for ...
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When it comes to sports, nothing beats comfort. With the adidas® Destiny Softball Sliding Shorts, comfort is guaranteed. These Adidas softball shorts are constructed with lightweight Climalite® fabric and padded at critical points for maximum comfort.

Climalite® is the most advanced fabric, allowing athletes to stay calm and dry in even the hottest conditions. It wicks moisture away from the skin, helping to keep you dry and comfortable during your workout or game. 

The adidas® Destiny Softball Sliding Shorts flashes a snappy animal print look for Fastpitch jocks looking for a bit of added safety under their uniform pants.

Easton Women’s Sliding Short

Easton Womens Sliding Short, Black, Large

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Women’s Easton® Women’s Sliding Short is a soft, lightweight pant that offers excellent comfort and is perfect for working out. Its Bio-Dri fabric wicks away moisture keeping you dry and light. In contrast, two-ply fabric provides added protection to the inner leg and slide. It’s easy to move in and move through all conditions with ease. It also has a Bio-Drive™ waistband, which absorbs sweat to help keep you drier and more comfortable. This short is designed to sit slightly below the knee for a women’s specific fit.


We’ve been searching for the best Women’s Sports Sliding Shorts that offer the best value, quality, and fit. The Women’s Mizuno Low Rise Compression Sliding Shorts are the best overall choice for the money. They are affordable, comfortable, and offer the best support for women’s specific needs. 

The Women’s Adidas Girls’ Destiny Printed Softball Sliding Shorts are also an excellent option for players who want to feel comfortable and safe while on the field.

Nike Dri-Fit® technology moves sweat away from your skin for quicker evaporation. And if you want breathable padded shorts, the Women’s AERO Vent Padded sliding shorts are the best pick. 

Next, we’ve got the Easton Women’s Sliding Short, an excellent choice for players looking for lightweight pants with a great fit and feel.

Whether you’re looking for the best Women’s Sports Sliding Shorts for your recreational league or for the pros, we’ve got a pair of options that will keep you comfortable while giving you the support you need.

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