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Marucci is still committed to breaking into the fastpitch market. With the Echo and Echo Connect, Marucci bridges the gap between the upper echelon of the fastpitch space and its offerings in 2020. We analyze the 2020 Echo and 2020 Echo Connect fastpitch bats after hitting with them, analyzing their swing weights and exit speeds, and comparing them to other top-end fastpitch bats.

Marucci ECHO CONNECT -10 Composite Fastpitch Bat, 2 1/4" Barrel, 33"/ 23 oz

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Marucci Echo Connect Fastpitch Bat 2020 (-10), Women's, carbon

Pairing Marucci®’s newly engineered MDX composite barrel with a carbon composite handle, the 2020 Echo Connect Fastpitch Bat delivers an ultra-responsive feel with an explosive ...
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Marucci Echo Connect (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat - 2021 Model Size 30in./20oz

New for 2020, Marucci introduces the Marucci Echo Connect (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat, bringing the innovations Marucci is known for the softball field! The Echo Connect utilizes ...
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2020 Marucci Echo Connect -10 31"/21oz Fastpitch Softball Bat MFPEC10

Warranties will not be honored unless the bat and receipt are tendered. The Marucci warranty covers the following things SIZE : 31"/21oz. YEAR : 2020. Bat Galaxy is an authorized ...
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Pros and Cons

The two-piece Echo Connect was chosen by our batters over the Echo. The AV2 Knob in the single-piece composite Echo felt better than comparable single-piece composites like the Mizuno Carbon, but the Echo Connect’s SDX EXT connection felt superior. On the stronger single piece, we couldn’t get any faster departure speeds than on the Connect. The swing weight of the bat felt identical (and our measurements revealed that they were within 2% of each other, which is an insignificant variation). Our batters, however, were 14 and 15-year-old high school nonpower hitters. The single piece, we imagine, will be appreciated by bigger players who know how to barrel it up and put their weight behind the ball.

For those who find the Easton Ghost too heavy and the DeMarini CF too light, we think the Echo Connect is a terrific swing weight option. The Echo Connect has the same swing weight as the Slugger LXT (exactly in the middle of the 2020 fastpitch bat swing weights) and is the most popular weight among fastpitch players. As a result, if you’re looking for a bat that feels similar to the LXT (the most popular bat on the market) but don’t want the LXT for a variety of reasons, the Echo Connect is a good option.

The Echo is a one-of-a-kind item. The 2020 Mizuno CRBN1 is the only other performance single-piece composite fastpitch bat that we know of. With a few exceptions, all of the others are two-piece composite bats. The Echo, like the CRBN1, has a firm feel to it and swings evenly. Unlike the CRBN1, however, the Echo employs Marucci’s patented anti-vibration knob to assist reduce sting. On mishits, the Echo doesn’t feel as smooth as the Echo Connect, but it feels better than the CRBN1.

It’s difficult to propose anything other than the two or three most popular balanced bats in competitive fastpitch. The CF, Ghost, and LXT have a solid track record and consistently receive positive feedback. However, enough people will be eager to try the Echo Connect at some point to give it the internet love it deserves. Expect a superb feel and top-end performance from the 2020 Echo Connect if you’re looking to branch out from the norm.

If you’re looking for a comparison, we think the Echo Connect is closest to the Slugger LXT.

If you’re a power hitter who prefers a stiffer-feeling bat like a Mizuno Xeno or Carbon, you should give the Echo considerable consideration. The Echo’s sting dampening technology in the knob gives it an edge over any of those bats, and it’s what put Marucci and the CAT brand of bats on the amateur bat map. You’ll receive a firm feel and as much power transfer to the ball as you can handle with the Echo. (In the connection piece, nothing is lost.) You’ll also receive a smoother smash because the knob takes away the sting of hands-on mishits.

Bat Construction 

The distinction between the Echo and the Echo is clear enough. The Connect combines a composite handle and barrel with a connecting design (called the SDX EXT by Marucci). The Echo (not Connect) is a one-piece bat that does not have a connection piece.

The knob on the Echo uses Marucci’s anti-vibration technology. Because the hand sting is eliminated from the SDX EXT connection, the Echo Connect does not require anti-vibration technology.

Bat Sizing

The Echo and Echo connect are available in a variety of sizes. Each line is available in a drop 8, 9, 10, or 11. Depending on the size, the bats range from 28 to 34 inches in length.

Comparable Bats

There are plenty of two-piece composite bats on the market. The LXT, CF, Ghost Advanced, Quatro, PWR CRBN, and Xeno are all direct competitors for the Marucci Echo Connect. The Slugger LXT is comparable to the Echo Connect in terms of swing weight and feel, whereas Mizuno’s CRBN1 is comparable to Marucci’s Echo.

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The Connect combines a composite handle and barrel with a connecting design

  • Certified for WBSC (formerly ISF), ISA, USSSA, USA (formerly ASA)
  • Sting-free nylon knob for improved comfort and control
  • Ring-free barrel construction
  • MDX composite construction barrel
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