Evoshield Elbow Guard Review

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Safety is key to assure a player’s confidence in the field. Evoshield’s innovative products play by that rule ensuring comfort as well as providing security in order to minimize player’s fears in the field. These Elbow Guards are very lightweight which allows players great freedom of movement. The design also increases durability.

This Elbow Guards feature the key characteristic of Evoshield products Gel-to-Shell technology that transforms from soft and flexible to a hard, protective shield in minutes. This ensures that the Guards fit the player’s shapes properly so that they remain in place and feel as comfortable as possible. With this type of Guards, players can swing fast and freely while remaining protected.

EvoShield PRO-SRZ Batter's Elbow Guard, Large - Navy

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EvoShield SRZ-1 Batter's Elbow Guard in Red | S

Own the plate this season with the all-new EvoShield SRZ-1™ Batter's Elbow Guard. Available in 11 eye-popping colorways, this lightweight, incredibly durable design features our ...
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Former baseball players created this company. Hence the emphasis on the player’s needs and the knowledge of the game involved in the products. Elbow Guards are a very important piece of gear to use during a game, they can protect the elbow from impacts as well the muscles around it. This particular design can spread the force of the impact decreasing the effect on a certain zone and thus, protecting from greater injury.

Using protective gear is a must, but using the gear that accommodates to your necessities is a choice. Thus, it is very important to find guards that accommodate to your body as much as possible. Probably, that’s the reason why many seem to have love Evoshield’s designs and the possibilities that they offer for players.


  • GEL-TO-SHELL® TECHNOLOGY begins soft and flexible, transforms to hard and protective in minutes.
  • DISPERSION TECHNOLOGY spreads the force across the surface of the shield, minimizing felt impact.
  • CUSTOM-MOLDING SHIELD Molds to user’s body shape, ensuring a perfect fit, custom molds to fit left or right-handed hitters

What customers are saying:

I bought this weeks ago for my son because my nephew got hit in the elbow and had trouble moving his hand for weeks. Got this for my son and he got hit in his elbow and barely felt any pain. I would recommend this to people with kids in 7th grade or higher. below this age group, the pitchers rarely throw hard enough to cause damage. nothing more than a little bruise.
Michael James

Wanna learn more about the Evoshield Elbow Guards? then check out this video by TBC 

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