Evoshield Arm Sleeve Review

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Evoshield has mostly two types of compressive sleeve designs. They both work with the same principle, helping your body improve circulation. Only that one of them has improved features to do so in a greater way during the severe exercise of a game.

EvoShield Active DNA Compression Arm Sleeve in Red | S-M

REGAIN YOUR 100%. Stay at full strength all competition long. Built with strategic compression mapping and high-tech fibers to boost performance without added bulk, EvoShield ...
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EvoShield Compression Arm Sleeve, Green - Youth

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The compressive arm sleeves for in-game use will help you to maintain your full strength and energy all the way through the competition. These sleeves are built with strategic mapping and high tech fibers, all with the goal of boosting your performance without adding bulk. These Evoshield sleeves provide you with the muscle alignment and stability you need for a better game. This system is exactly what your body needs to achieve quicker reactions and reduce fatigue. By wearing these during the game you will give your body the boost and support that it requires to maintain its 100% performance.

The other type of compressive sleeves that Evoshield produces also lead to improvements to your confidence and performance. In this case, they do so by allowing you to stay comfortable and recover faster. These ones are perfect for decreasing your fatigue after games and practices. These sleeves are also the most proper ones for young players since they aren’t so tight. Engineered with SwagTech moisture-wicking technology, the sleeves won’t get wet and sweaty. In general, wearing sleeves is a great idea for everyone looking to decrease the fatigue in their arms and improve their performance.


  • Strategic body-mapped compression for improved muscle performance
  • 360° stretch fabric for comfort and flexibility
  • Maximize your muscle performance and minimize in-game arm strain
  • Designed to be worn in competition or during practice

What customers are saying:

I would throw a lot, pitching or throwing from third to first or just throwing hard in general after a while my arm would just hurt. Sometimes, it would get to the point where I couldn’t lift my arm at all. Heat worked, like a hot shower or hot hand packs but can’t really get those until after the game. I have been using this for at least 2 softball games now and it works great. There is a slight tingle, but I was able to go through warmups, ground ball to base work, and the whole games without having any issues. I was even able to not have to go directly home to shower or ice/hot it down and even after taking it off, no issues. So far this is awesome, being able to throw hard and not have to worry about my arm hurting is great…..I will be using this every time I play now!.

Here you can check out this video about compression sleeves by Richard Gonzalez



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