Best Softball Hairstyles

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In this article, we will be exploring some of the best softball hairstyles to make you look stylish on the field, but more importantly, that will also help to keep your hair in control and out of your face during gameplay. We’ll even show you the hairstyles that are preferred by some of the world’s most legendary softball players, like Jennie Finch, Cat Osterman, and Monica Abbott.

Some of these hairstyles will be more fashion than function, while others will be more functional but simple. Your hairstyle will depend largely on your own unique tastes, but also on the length of hair you hair, your hair type, and even the position you’re playing on the field. In this article, we will cover them all! Keep reading to find a hairstyle that will let you play with confidence.

Cute softball hairstyles

Side-braid ponytail combo:

You start by brushing your hair to get all the knots out. Then, grab a small section of hair from the top of your forehead and start braiding down, continually adding pieces as you go. One you’ve got a long, complete braid, use a rubber band to tie it off at the bottom. Then, do the same on the other side but with your smaller, wispier hairs. This helps to get all of your baby hairs out of the way, so they don’t flap around in your face in the wind. Finally, create a pony tail with the remaining, unbraided hair, and tie the two braids you just created into the ponytail, so that both braids and the remaining section of your hair is all tied together at the same point at the back of your head.

French-braid ponytail combo: 

Start with a French braid at the top of your head that runs from the top, to the half-way or bottom-part of your head. Then, tie the rest of your hair off with an elastic. The resulting hairstyle should look like a half French braid, half ponytail.

Low ponytail braid combo: 

This hairstyle is extremely easy to do, and is a great option if you’re short on time but still want something cute, that can keep your hair out of your face. To create this look, start off with a regular ponytail. Then, braid the section of hair that comes after the part where the pony tail is tied off. That’s it! Complete the look with a visor hat to really keep all your hair in order.

The caterpillar ponytail (with a visor):  

This is one of the most popular hairstyles among college softball players. For this hairstyle, you’ll need a bunch of very small, tight elastics. You can find this type of elastic (which are technically “for toddlers”) here: 

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Start off by making a simple ponytail. Then, starting at the base of the ponytail, start adding the small elastics (no need to tie them, they should be tight enough to grab your hair without needing to double them over.) Add the elastics at even intervals all the way down your ponytail. If you have longer hair, the spacing should be about 2-3 inches apart. For shorter hair, you can space them about 1-inch apart. That’s it!

Want to watch the full tutorial on how to create these hairstyles? Watch this fantastic video by Olivia Barrera!

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Softball Braids


In softball French Braids are extremely popular, from youth leagues all the way up to the pros like Cat Osterman (as you’ll see in this photo). Braids like this are a great way to keep your hair out of your face as you’re making important plays, or in windy conditions.

French-braid #2: 

This style of braid, the French Braid, is unique due to the way that the braid starts near the top of your head and isn’t tied off until the bottom of the braid. This varies from other types of braids, as you’ll see in the next photo, which are tied off like a ponytail first, and then braided.

Don’t know how to tie a French Braid? Check out this detailed video tutorial by Luxy Hair!

Ponytail braid combo: 

This type of braid starts closer to the middle of your head, and is first tied off with a hairband that’s been doubled over 2 or 3 times. Once your hair is nice and secure in a ponytail, it’s time to start the braid! Simply braid your hair like normal, then use another hairband to tie it off again at the bottom.

Short braid hat combo: 

Take a look at this shorter braid, which as you would suspect, is accomplished with a shorter hairstyle. Pairing your braid with a hat is another popular combination, and is a fantastic option in cooler weather. If you wear a hat like you see in this photo without using a braid, the hair that flows out of your hat may still get caught in the wind and get pushed into your eyes. That’s why, even if you’re going to wear a toque like you see in this photo, we recommend pairing it with a braid.

Messy top, short braid on bottom (with hairband): 

Say hello to the messy braid. This hairstyle is for those days when you want to show some attitude, or maybe you just woke up late and don’t have time to fully comb your hair before styling it. Either way, this braid gives you a devil-may-care look that is sure to make an impression. Like a French Braid, this look is accomplished by starting the braid without tying your hair into a ponytail first. The difference is that you won’t start the braid so close and tight to your head, but will instead allow the top part of your hair to hang loose, starting the actual braid near the bottom of your head.

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The double braid: 

Want to change your braids up a little bit? Try going for the double-braid! This is a fierce look that is not only functional for keeping your hair out of your face, but also looks great. Plus, you’ll stand out from all the single-braiders on the field. Pulling this off is easy. All you do is braid your hair twice, once on each side, using the sections of hair that start at the middle of your head and flow over to your ears.

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Softball hairstyles for short hair

Simple headband: 

If you have shorter hair, you may have some difficulties pulling off the braid since you have less hair to work with. In this case, a good option is using a hair band. One of the greatest advantages of a hair band is that it’s extremely fast and simple. Just put the hairband in, and you’re good to go! It will push all your hair backwards to prevent it from flying into your face in the wind, or when you’re making rapid motions like pitching.

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Softball hairstyles for long hair

The caterpillar: 

This hairstyle is a fan favourite, and it’s easy to see why. To pull this look off, you’ll first need to invest in a package of small, tight elastic bands. Start this hairstyle with a simple ponytail. Then, begin to tie the hairbands around the length of hair coming out of the ponytail starting at its base. Tie the elastics on in intervals of 2-3 inches apart if your hair is long, or about 1-inch apart if you have shorter hair.

You can find this type of elastic (which are technically “for toddlers”) here: 

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Softball hairstyles for curly hair

The curly ponytail:

While curly hair might be more difficult to manage, you have an undeniable style-advantage—everyone is envious of curly haired girls. Curly hair can be worn in virtually all of the same hairstyles as straight hair, but since it’s a bit more difficult to work with, sometimes the best (and fastest) look is a simple ponytail. If you tie your ponytail off higher up on the head like this photo, your curly hair will make a simple

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Softball hairstyles for catchers

Low ponytail braid combo:

Since as a catcher you’ll be wearing a helmet for the majority of the game, the best hairstyle is one that can sit comfortably underneath your helmet. That’s why we recommend a hairstyle like this one, that ties your hair off low on your head, below the bottom of your helmet. Once your hair is tied off below your helmet, you can fix the length of your hair in anyway you choose. Either let it hang loose, or tie it into a braid like you see in this photo!

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Softball hairstyles for pitchers

Headband, low-ponytail combo: 

This easy combination between a ponytail and a hairband is a favourite of softball legend Jennie Finch, one of the greatest softball pitchers of all time. Creating this hairstyle is easy. First, Finch ties her hair off near the bottom of her head to create a low ponytail. Then, she simply puts a headband in to keep the top part of her hair secure, so everything stays in place as she’s pitching. (Complete your Jennie Finch inspired outfit with her signature batting gloves).

Low ponytail with a bow: 

This hairstyle is another favourite of legendary pitcher Jennie Finch. This hairstyle is a simple low ponytail, but tied off with a stylish bow. To accomplish this hairstyle, Finch simply ties her hair in a low ponytail using a normal hairband, then ties a bow overtop. Notice how she color coordinates the bow and her shorts for extra style points.

Here’s a great selection of colored bows to choose from:

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Low ponytail with a bow (slightly messy):

To complete her simple bow-tied ponytail look, Finch will also sometimes let a few strands of hair at the front-sides of her head hang loose. While this might not be as functional as a tight ponytail, or the ponytail-and-hairband combination (on a windy day, these strands of hair may blow in your face) it definitely adds some character to the look.

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Double-tied ponytail with a bow:

This hairstyle is sported by none other than Monica Abbott, another legendary softball pitcher who’s competed in both the professional leagues and the olympics. This unique style of ponytail is simple to pull off, and effective at keeping the hair out of your face. First, Abbot ties her hair back into a fairly tight ponytail that sits near the bottom of her head. Then, she ties a bow around that part of the ponytail for extra style. Finally, Abbott ties off her hair a second time about halfway down her ponytail, keeping the length of her ponytail neatly in place while also adding some flair to the look. This is a great style for players with longer hair.

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Easy softball hairstyles

Simple ponytail (slightly messy): 

When in doubt, just go for a simple ponytail. Legendary softball player Jennie Finch often does! To create this classic look, all you need is a hairband. Tie off your hair in a ponytail near the bottom of your head. Then, for extra style, pull out a few strands of hair at the front and tuck them behind your ears for an intentionally messy look. This is one of those super easy softball hairstyles that looks great and works to keep the hair out of your face.

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Simple headband: 

This is probably the easiest hairstyle of all. All you need to do for this look is pop in a hairband. This will push all your hair backwards and prevent it from getting in your face. If you’re in a rush, or don’t like taking the time to fix your hair into one of the more complex looks like a braid, this is a perfect option for you.

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College softball hairstyles

Hairband and ponytail combo: 

This is a popular college softball hairstyle due to its simplicity, and effectiveness in keeping your hair out of your face. All you need to do to pull off this look is tie your hair into a ponytail (typically a lower ponytail that’s tied off near the bottom of your head) and then pop in a headband to further secure your hair in place.

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Cool softball hairstyles

Hairband, bow-tie, ponytail braid super combo:

This unique hairstyle combines a number of styles into one: the ponytail, the braid, and the headband. To create this look, start by fixing your hair into a ponytail that’s tied off near the middle of your head, but a bit closer to the bottom than the top. Next, take the length of your ponytail and braid it. Secure the braid with a second hairband at the bottom of the braid. Then, take a bow of your colour choice, and tie it around the first hairband close to your head. Finally, pop in a hairband to prevent any of the strands of hair near the front of your face from coming loose and flapping around in your eyes. This cool combination hairstyle is both super functional, and stylish.

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