Softball Stretches: The Ultimate Guide

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In any sport, stretching plays an important role not only when it comes to avoiding possible injuries but also having an excellent performance and softball is no exception. Softball requires a lot of effort now that it involves batting, sprinting, throwing, and finally catching. As you can see, a softball player needs a high level of coordination, agility, strength, flexibility to perform well under any circumstance while playing a softball game. That’s why it is important to incorporate into the training sessions regular stretches before a game or even after the game it is necessary to stretch.

For the purpose of boosting your workout and softball training, it is mandatory that you combine dynamic and static stretching. While in dynamic stretching you have to keep your body moving to keep your muscles warm and working to prevent injuries during a game. Static stretching is merely about keeping your body still stretching your legs and arms and different muscles of your body. Both sorts of stretching have different purposes. Static stretching is nice before sleeping or after working your body out and dynamic stretching, on the other hand, is recommended to do before a game as you warm your muscles and imitate the same motions, you’ll make in the course of the softball match.

 We know how important is for you to train before a game in order to avoid injuries and have a great performance to hit it out of the park. That’s why we have prepared for you the best softball stretches so that you can get ready for the battle! Following these guides will get you ready for those epic slides into home base!

Softball Pitcher Stretches

First, bring an arm across and put the other one over the elbow, and put pressure on the elbow, you should feel the first arm muscle stretched. Count to twenty and do the same movement with the other arm.

Position one of your arms over the head and pull it with the other arm grabbing four fingers so that you can feel the muscle all the way to the shoulder blade stretched and then count to twenty and then repeat with the other arm.

Do windmills, by moving your arms forwards and backward counting to twenty in both of them.

Grab both hands behind you leaning forward and counting to twenty in order to stretch muscles located in the shoulder blade.

Grab either a bar or fence close to you and turn your body facing forward and you will feel some muscles of the chest are stretched. Count to twenty and do the same movement but with the other arm.

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Softball Catcher Stretches

First, you need to keep your body in a plank position and your hands underneath the shoulders and core tight, then extend one of your legs out, touch the ground, raise your leg and then repeat on each leg around 10 times.

Keep your body in a plank position, bring one of your legs to the outside of your shoulder, get back your leg to the starting position and then do the same with the other leg. Do 10 repetitions on each leg if possible.

Grab your ankle and allow your knee to drop outside your hip and pull your ankle towards your chest and then repeat alternatively with both legs.

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Softball Arm Stretches

This is our favorite of the stretches for softball and is great for any player. Cross your arms one over and under the other trying to touch the opposite shoulder blade.

Bend your arms with your palms facing the ground and your shoulders high and then rotate your forearm up and down and increase the speed. Do this for 20-30 seconds

Raise both arms over your head, interlace fingers, and face your palms upwards. You should feel your arms stretched. Stay in that position for 15-20 seconds

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Softball Shoulder Stretches

First, you must extend your arms to both, right and left sides, then do small circles forward with your arms and gradually increment the size of the circles and speed as well. Do this for 30-60 seconds and then do it again backward.

Fix an elastic band to a bar or a fence. One side of your body must be facing the bar or fence. Grab the band, extend your arm keeping it straight, slowly pull the band outwards, hold 3 seconds, and then slowly get back to the starting point. You can find these bands on amazon like the ones below.

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Position one of your arms over the head and pull it with the other arm grabbing four fingers so that you can feel the muscle all the way to the shoulder blade stretched and then count to twenty and do the same with the other arm.

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Softball Stretches Warm Up

The warm-up session for softball is recommended to be done prior to exercise.

The following is a clear example of good softball exercises before going into action.

2 slow sprints around the field

6 x 40m leg exercises (e.g. running sideways/backward, raising knees up, and kicking heels backward).

15 minutes of stretching, for instance, lunges and shoulder circles 

5 × 20m length runs beginning at a 50% pace and increase the intensity until reaching a maximal speed

Softball drills, such as pitching, batting or catching.

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Softball dynamic stretching routine

Arm circles

While walking a predetermined distance, move your arms doing circles and then walk backward swinging your arms in the other direction.

High knees

While moving fast, bring your knees up to your hip.

Knee to chest 

With your hands bring your knee to your chest and while keeping the balance, hold your knee at that point.

Stand tall and raise up on your toes and down until your feet are flat on the ground while keeping your knees straight and your core tight and then do a short sprint and repeat the same drill at least 10 times.

Following these guides will not only improve the quality of your game but will protect your body. Here is our guide on some great softball drills you can preform after your stretching also, check out this video for a visual demonstration of softball stretches:


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