Miken Freak Maxload Review

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The Miken Freak Maxload is a 20-year anniversary edition bat from Miken—and there’s definitely reason to celebrate with this bat’s high-quality design and performance enhancing technologies.

This particular bat will feature the standard 2 and 1/4 barrel diameter, but with an extra long 14 inch barrel length, which differs from the usual 12 inch barrel length you would see from other Miken bats. This bat incorporates Miken’s signature maxload feel, with a 0.5 ounce end-load that makes it perfect for power hitters who like a little more weight in their swing for those extra-hard hits.

Miken Freak 20th Maxload Anniversary USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat, 34"/27 oz

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The Miken Freak Maxload pulls no punches with an unbelievable 4-piece design to virtually eliminate bat vibration, optimizing flex and responsiveness beyond what most bats—with one or two-piece constructions—could ever dream of. Between the barrel and handle, Miken has applied their Sensi-Flex technology to eliminate hand sting, increase bat speed through the zone, and improve control and barrel loading.

This bat uses Miken’s signature 100% comp formula, made from premium aerospace grade fibers to maximize durability and performance. The Freak Maxload also takes advantage of a double-walled barrel design, and Tetra-Core technology to enhance the sweet spot and give you excellent pop on contact.

Deemed the best slowpitch softball bat in the game by Bat Digest, If you’re looking to rock the ball out of the park like never before, this is the Miken bat you want to buy.

Features of the Miken Freak Maxload:

  • 14 inch barrel length.
  • 2 and 1/4 inch barrel diameter.
  • Maxload 0.5 ounce end-load, perfect for power hitters.
  • Four-piece construction.
  • Approved for play in ASA only.
  • Double-walled barrel design.
  • Tetra-core technolog to increase the size of the sweet spot and provide incredible pop.
  • One-year manufacturers warranty.
  • Free shipping.
  • Black, orange, and purple color scheme.
  • 100% comp formula with premium aerospace grade fibers for season-after-season use.
  • Sensi-Flex technology to improve barrel loading and control, speed through the zone, and eliminate hand sting.
  • Proudly made right here in the United States.
  • Designed for 52 COR softballs, and softballs with lower compression.
  • Bat Digest deemed the Miken Freak Maxload the best slowpitch softball bat.

Certifications/Approved for play with the following associations:


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9.1 Total Score
Power hitter's bat with an incredible 4-piece design!

This 20-year anniversary edition bat features performance enhancing technologies and Miken’s signature "maxload" 0.5 ounce end-load feel for extra hard hits. Top it all off with an unbelievable 4-piece design for virtually zero vibrations and ultimate feel.

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