The Bounce-Prevention Sports Bra Review

Looking for a sports bra to use in your softball league that will give you the comfort and support you need to play at the top of your game? The Panache Women’s Underwire Sports Bra may be the perfect product for you. This bra has been shown to support full busted women for an incredible 83 percent reduction in bounce.

Panache Women's Plus Size Wired Sports Bra, Grey, 38H

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This sports bra is crafted with a 48%/38%/14% mix of Polyamide, Polyester, and Elastane (in that order).  The hook and eye closure system on this bra allows it to quickly and easily be taken on and off at a moments notice, and doesn’t risk slippage mid-game the way that a tie-up bra does. Constructed with mesh panels at the shoulders and bust, this bra offers superior ventilation to keep players cool even in hot and humid conditions. For additional comfort, the shoulder straps of this bra are designed to be wide, and incorporate extra cushioning, so you’ll barely notice you’re even wearing it.

A heads up to players before buying—this bra is imported from the UK, and therefore uses UK sizings. According to the instructions that come with this bra, do not iron, tumble dry, bleach, or dry clean this bra.


  • Proven to support full busted women for an 83% reduction in bounce.
  • This bra is crafted out of a mix of 48% polyamide, 38% polyester, and 14% elastane.
  • Incorporates a hook-and-eye closure system to put it on and take it off easier, without risking the potential mid-game slippage of a tie-up bra.
  • Built with mesh panels at the bust and shoulders for lots of ventilation to prevent excess perspiration, and to keep players cool and comfortable in hot and humid conditions.
  • Wide shoulder straps with extra cushioning for superior comfort.
  • Imported from the UK (and therefore uses UK sizing).
  • Do not tumble dry, iron, bleach, or dry clean this bra.

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