Evoshield Wrist Guard Review

A wrist guard is an essential apparel to give softball players more support and protection from bad hops, foul tips from bats and hard grounders. Evoshield has a nice offer of wrist guards that have turned out to be one of athletes’ favorite product. Find out more about this wrist guard and its features below!

EvoShield PRO-SRZ Protective Wrist Guard in Scarlet | L

Nothing screams "game-changer" more than the all-new EvoShield Pro-SRZ™ Protective Wrist Guard. The new seamless construction and lightweight materials bring the new wrist guard ...
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The Evoshield Protective Wrist Guard is a must have, especially for catchers. The Gel-to-Shell technology has a unique custom-molding shield that perfectly adjusts to the player’s arm and wrist after 30 minutes. This creates a hard protective layer that, rather than absorbing the impact, disperses it to avoid severe injury in just one spot of the body.

Once the product has adapted to the athlete’s wrist, it is ready to be used. At first it may feel tight, but as time goes by it will naturally stretch and be comfortably snug. Unlike other protection, The Evoshield Protective Wrist Guard is not made of plastic or foam, but it uses its own patented material with neoprene, which is 1/4-inch thin. This makes the wrist guard lightweight and breathable without sacrificing support. 

Evoshield Solid Protective Wrist Guard in Royal | S

The EvoShield Protective Wrist Guard utilizes our Gel-To-Shell™ custom-molding technology to protect you from bad hops and wild pitches. Available in five solid colorways, this ...
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Another great thing about this protection is its reversible feature: it can be used as protection, offense or defense, making it perfect for catchers or basemen. In addition, Evoshield claims to have developed its wrist guards following the advice of elite players, providing a high-quality protection for athletes of all ages.


  • Model: A150
  • Gel-to-Shell Technology: begins soft and flexible, transforming into a hard and protective shield in minutes
  • Shield Coverage: 3″W x 4″H
  • Sleeve Coverage: 5″L
  • Impact is dispersed, not absorbed
  • 100% Neoprene sleeve. holds shield in place while providing a comfortable, compressed fit
  • Offered in a  wide variety of colors
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: 1 year
  • Sizes available for all ages based on measurement of their wrist circumference: SM 5-6”; MD 6”-7”; LG 7-8”; XL 8-9”
  • Encased within a breathable mesh layer that comfortably hugs the wrist and forearm.

EvoShield EVOCHARGE Protective Wrist Guard in Black | XL

The EvoShield Protective Wrist Guard utilizes our Gel-To-Shell™ custom-molding technology to protect you from bad hops and wild pitches. This product will give you the compression ...
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If you want to learn how to customize the Evoshield Protective Wrist Guard to your wrist and forearm size, watch this fitting video by Evoshield:

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