Evoshield Chest Guard Review

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Chest guards are a very important piece of equipment that can provide safety to players and thus, increase their confidence in the game. This model by Evoshield addresses one of the most common issues players face when using standardized female chest guards. This problem is that the measurements of the chest protectors do not fit most players properly. In order to fix this, Evoshield incorporated their own-patented Gel-To-Shell technology to their chest guards. This is how it works. At the beginning, the chest guard comes in a moldable gel that is meant to be fitted to the player’s chest so that it takes their specific shape. Then, the gel will harden in about 30 to 40 minutes and will acquire the perfect shape for the player, providing them with a better fit that increases freedom of movement and security.

EvoShield Women's Racerback Chest Guard, Adult - Small

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EvoShield Women's Racerback Chest Guard Sleeveless Shirt in Graphite | S

Take the field with confidence with the new EvoShield Fastpitch Chest Guard. Designed to allow complete flexibility and utilizing EvoShield's patented Gel-To-Shell technology, no ...
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This product is very innovative it definitely incorporates new technologies and it is not at all typical. Such information is importat to mention in this Evoshield Chest Guard Review. However, even though this piece is a one of kind in the market it still remains an all-time favorite. It’s not unknown that many keep choosing this model because of its features. Lastly, thanks to its player-focused design, the Evoshield Chest Guard, combines freedom mobility, safety, and comfort like no other, making it the choice of a great range of players.


  • Gel-To-Shell custom-molding chest guard with a racerback shirt
  • Disperses impact and protects better than traditional foam and plastic gear
  • Thin Shields allow for complete comfort and flexibility
  • Engineered with SwagTech moisture-wicking technology
  • Four-way stretch Racerback Poly/Spandex compression shirt pocket
  • Shirt fabric is machine washable, air dry
  • Shields are removable and hand washable

What customers are saying:

My 13-year-old daughter is a fastpitch softball pitcher and after seeing a pitcher from a different team nailed directly in the sternum with a line drive I had to find something to protect my daughter. The hit pitcher turned out to be fine after several terrifying minutes of laying flat of her back on the mound. After the game, I ask her parents what if any protective gear she was wearing and she was wearing an EvoShield chest guard shirt. I honestly believe it would’ve not turned out well without this product. Hope my daughter never has to test the product but seeing is believing and I’m a believer in EvoShield chest protectors.

Want to know more details about this product? Here’s a link to an Evoshield video where they explain the fitting of the chest guard.


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