Louisville Slugger Meta Fastpitch Bat Review

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The Louisville Slugger Meta fastpitch is one of the best softball bats for the fastpitch season. The design of this bat is a composite two-piece which makes it a favorite instantly. Louisville Slugger Meta fastpitch is the hottest among the softball bats. 

Design of the bat and how good is it?

Its barrel is fashioned with all-new Mash composite and has a gapped wall design. The Slugger Meta Fastpitch is a two-piece bat with a VTX connecting mechanism that gives the bat a firmer and more fluid feel. The gapped wall design of the barrel, which leaves room between the two interworking barrel walls, is produced with innovative Mash composite. 

The new F2X end cap comprises a clear injection molded material that looks great and allows the bat to swing freely. It has a 2 1/4-inch diameter barrel with an end-loaded weight that is normally chosen by power hitters, but the light swing feel makes it suited for both contact and power batters. 

The Louisville Slugger Meta’s release is one of softball’s most thrilling bats, thanks to its combination of great performance, reliable consistency, and balanced swing weight.

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The durability of the bat

When it comes to durability, the Louisville Slugger Meta fastpitch bat is the best, with barely any complaints. There is no compromise on the durability of the bat, and defect, if any, is covered with a warranty of 1 year. 

Size of Bats

It’s also critical to provide a customizable sizing option in order to appeal to a bigger audience. The following are some bat size possibilities to help you choose the right one for you.

  • 30’’ / 27oz
  • 31’’ / 28oz
  • 32’’ / 29oz
  • 33’’ / 30oz
  • 34’’ / 31oz

As a result, batters have the choice of selecting a bat that best suits their needs.

Performance of the Bat 

The bat is somewhat hot right out of the package, but it still has to be broken in before it can unleash its true power. The F2X End Cap improves the barrel profile, bat control, and swing speed of this fastpitch softball bat, while the Mash barrel performs and sounds terrific.

Recommendation of the Bat 

The Louisville Slugger Meta Fastpitch is ideal for power hitters and, if they prefer, certain contact players. It has a touch more end-loaded than the LXT model, but it doesn’t feel as hefty when you swing it. 

There are two things to consider before purchasing the new Meta. Is your player who is going to use the bat old enough? Given that the Meta looks to be limited to drop 10, drop 9, and drop 8 models, any younger players will have to wait a few years to try their hand at one of the game’s hottest bats.

This fastpitch bat is recommended for individuals who can afford a high-end bat and don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of shopping for one. Because it is an all-composite bat, the Meta FP is not suited for individuals who want an aluminum bat or a bat with an aluminum handle. This fastpitch bat is your choice if you choose to get the flagship bat that outperforms every other fastpitch bat on the market with cool and classy graphics regardless of price.

Louisville Slugger Meta Fastpitch Vs The Ghost

The performance of the Louisville Slugger Meta Fastpitch is better than that of the Ghost. Although both the Meta and Ghost fastpitch bats have multiple barrels, the Meta has a gapped barrel design that improves performance, sound, and longevity. The durability of the Meta is way better than that of the Ghost. It is also known as the Ghost Killer. 

Is it value for money?

The crew at Louisville Slugger set out with one goal in mind: to create the unbuildable bat. Thousands of hours of player feedback were used to evaluate every design feature, ensuring that the needs of every player type were addressed. The result is a value for money Louisville Slugger Meta Fastpitch bat.

Reviews of the Bat

Here are some Louisville slugger meta fastpitch reviews:

“It’s a great bat, and we just love it. Our 14-year-old daughter loves the Louisville Slugger Meta Fastpitch bat. A must buy!”! 

“This bat feels good, not quite as soft as some of the many Ghost bats we’ve used over the years, but still quite good compared to other bats. The sound is distinct from that of a ghost, sounding more like an LXT but not identical. When I line up the rubber joints between the Ghost Advance, the barrel appears to be somewhat smaller, but not by much.”

“I believe it is an excellent value for money. For my 10-year-old son, it is the perfect size and weight to help him build muscle and improve his swing. The design is great and the sweet spot is bigger than other bats that we previously used.”


The Louisville Slugger Meta fastpitch is one of the best bats to have. Have you used it? What do you think about it? Do share your thoughts.

Look at the Louisville Slugger Meta in action in this video by Gianna Lara

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One of the best softball bats for the fastpitch season

Louisville Slugger Meta's release is one of softball's most thrilling bats, thanks to its combination of performance, reliable consistency, and balanced swing weight. The result is value for your money.

  • VTX connecting mechanism
  • F2X end cap
  • 2 1/4-inch diameter barrel
  • End-loaded
  • Great for power hitters
  • Solid construction
  • Higher price
  • Heavier than the Ghost
  • Durability issues for some
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