Brett Bros. Thunder Review

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Personally, we always prefer companies with a bit of a background filled with passion and inspiration that led to the foundation of the company. Such companies aren’t just making profitable products, they’re making products that they believe in. The Brett Bros., as the name suggests, are four brothers that all played professional softball at some points in their lives. So, creating reliable composite wood bats isn’t just a job for them, its something they hold very close to their heart. And, their expertise is being demonstrated fully with the Brett Bros. Thunder.

Brett Bros. Thunder Bamboo/Maple Wood Slow Pitch Softball Bat: SST500 Black/Red SST500 RED

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The first thing you’ll notice about the Thunder is that it’s a pretty hefty softball bat. Even the lightest variant sits at 26 oz. So, if you’re buying this for a teen, definitely make sure they can lift this much weight without tiring themselves out. If you’re an adult, this bat is just the perfect size. It’s not as heavy as some of the other bats and not light to feel too flimsy.

Speaking of variants, there are three different versions of the Thunder softball bat that you can purchase.

  • 32” 26 oz.
  • 33” 27 oz.
  • 34” 28 oz.

The materials used to design this bat are pretty complex and make it as durable as it is. The core is built of bamboo with a maple barrel wrapped outside it. The handles are made of patented BOA fiberglass to ensure that you have a good, strong hold on the bat. The bat is ASA certified for quality insurance as well as adhering to the legal aspects of ASA in terms of design and materials.

Brett Bros. is an expert on their craft and has created a range of softball bats that you’ll definitely be able to get used to pretty soon. This is a top-notch softball bat that is worth checking out.

Here’s a video from JustBats telling us a bit more about the Brett Bros. Thunder.

9.5 Total Score

  • Made from three different materials
  • Durable builds
  • ASA certified bat
  • Heavy
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  1. Brett bros makes insane bats, Thunder being one of the best hands down for home runs

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