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Do you want to improve your swing skills but aren’t sure how and if you should spend money on a tool that might not work? This is a very common situation among many ballplayers. With the many gadgets in the market that promise to enhance your game, you can get confused about which one to choose. The truth is that there are actually few that can help you. Fortunately, you can go straight to a safe bet with the Swingrail.

SWINGRAIL Baseball/Softball Swing Trainer

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It is an innovative self-training device that helps you rectify and correct your swing flaws. By using it you’ll get immediate feedback on your technique. Thus, this equipment can make you perform better in the long-run since you’ll be enabling your muscle memory to achieve fine swing skills.

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The Swingrail Training Aid comes in a two-piece combo. The first piece adapts to any bat size you own, and the second one it’s a padded non-slip adjustable armband. Both of them have velcro over them to give a proper adjustable fit. Also, they’re made from resistant materials and have amazingly strong stitches that withstand the force of your hit.

The product is really easy to use. You just put the rail above the handle of your bat, and fasten the armband around the arm you’ll be holding the bat with, right above your bicep and below your armpit. Make sure the velcro of the armband is centered on your bicep and that the tab is facing towards your body as well as the rail of the bat.

Then you pass the Velcro loop of the arm strap through the rail and it’s all set. Being as easy to set up as it is, it has great adaptability as it can be used for both baseball and softball practices.

Watch the correct way to assemble it on this video by SWINGRAIL SPORTS

With this product, you won’t only be able to practice your game in the field, but also, you’ll be able to carry it anywhere you like. From parks to garages and any place you’d like to practice with the Swingrail, it will be there with you to help you with your swings.

Does Swingrail really work?

The Swingrail does indeed help you effectively improve your technique. Flaws like casting your bat or making your swings too long will be a thing of the past. Because, the more you practice with the aid, the more your body will gain muscle memory by getting used to the right movement. Not to mention that at the same time you’ll be strengthening your upper body.

The device basically works initially by aligning your body in the right posture and then due to its immediate feedback. As soon as you hit the ball you’ll know if you did it correctly or not. If your swing wasn’t good enough the velcro loop of the armband will detach from the rail right away, otherwise the velcro will remain attached.

Overall, its functional system allows you to stay connected with the rotational movement of your body. It aligns your arms and back with your hips and legs to provide you good support for a more physiological movement.

To sum up, it is estimated that your hitting skills will be improved in speed, strength, and proper movement. Nonetheless, keep in mind that the Swingrail isn’t a miraculous solution to your game. The idea is that you use it regularly during your tee-work or soft toss and that you fully compromise to making efforts of your own to get better.

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SWINGRAIL Baseball/Softball Swing Trainer

Free shipping
Last update was on: June 13, 2024 2:46 am
in stock
$29.99 $34.99

The last thing you to consider is the price. You may be mainly wondering if it’s worth it. The answer is that for its functionality it does have a fair price. But be attentive to the right way to use it, as it might be a little confusing at the beginning making you believe you’ve spent your money on something that doesn’t work. Especially be patient with younger players, for they might not have yet driven the knob to the ball. If you’re in a team, it may be a more fair deal to invest in packages of 5-10 Swingrail aids to have several of them available at any time.

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Swingrail softball reviews

Many coaches and parents have gotten excited and loved the Swingrail. So much that even more than 20 MLB (Major League Baseball) organizations involve it in their practice.

“3 weeks into doing around 50 dry cuts a day and he has moved from batting 7th to lead off for his 16u team.” – Brett James. Proud parent.

“They chop at it or scoop (catching butterflies or golfing) and just seem weak at getting a great stroke across the plate. After using Swingrail they are clearly better at batting. Sure, the first time putting it on them I had to work out the angle of the strap (so I watched the instructional tape again) but it got easier with each girl. It allowed them to FEEL how their arms are supposed to be while swinging. I saw improvement the same day and they didn’t even take 100’s of dry swings or Wiffleball/tee swings. After 10+ on the tee, they moved to my station of soft toss and it was night and day! they were almost to 100 % correct alignment with their stroke and hit the ball well. If you can use it on young, non-experienced fastpitch softball players (grades 7 -8) then I’m sure you will find it helpful with whatever ball player you use it with.” – “Pheaz”. Middle school softball coach.

Here are some other opinions of professional players:

“It’s great for all levels — It’s a teaching tool for young players and a maintenance tool for advanced hitters.” – Megan Wiggins. Career HR Leader, National Pro Fastpitch Softball.

“SWINGRAIL helps me stay inside and take a great path to the ball.” – Cody Bellinger. 2019 National League MVP.

SWINGRAIL Baseball/Softball Swing Trainer

Free shipping
Last update was on: June 13, 2024 2:46 am
in stock
$29.99 $34.99

Watch the recommendations from a baseball coach on this video by Flight Baseball

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Swingrail discount codes

If you’re still hesitating, we have brought you some amazing coupon offers so that you get to try it and start improving your skill right away! Click on the links to get great discounts on your purchase.

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Where to buy Swingrail

You can buy the Swingrail pretty much anywhere. Here are some options of where to purchase the legitimate product:

SWINGRAIL Baseball/Softball Swing Trainer

Free shipping
Last update was on: June 13, 2024 2:46 am
in stock
$29.99 $34.99
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Swingrail for 7-year-old

Managing the fit of the Swingrail might be tricky for players of 8 years old or younger. If you find it’s too big to fit initially, you can always double loop it as it is made from stretchy velcro.

But if you definitely want to get the best advantage of it, it’s better if you wait some time to buy it, as it works even better for 9-year-olds or older more experienced players.

The truth is that this gadget it’s becoming more and more commonly used in practices, even for kids. The thing is that whether you choose to introduce it from younger ages or after, you need to be very patient when starting this new methodology so that the players get the hang of its functioning. And remember to always read the user guide.

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Swingrail Slow Motion

If you want to watch the precise way the Swingrail aid works, take a look at this video by SWINGRAIL SPORTS

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  • Self-learning training aid
  • For every age level
  • Good quality materials
  • Velcro technology
  • Adjustable armband
  • Adaptable bat rail
  • Comfortable
  • Handy
  • Compact
  • Durable
  • Stretchy
  • Easy to take along with you
  • Gives immediate feedback
  • Easy to use
  • Highly effective
  • Improvement noticed in a fairly short time
  • Harder hitting
  • Perfect swings
  • Increased bat speed
  • Masters hitting inside the ball
  • Better launching position
  • Efficient swing path
  • Builds muscle memory
  • Appropriate for both baseball and softball batters
  • Reasonably priced
  • Made in the USA

SWINGRAIL Baseball/Softball Swing Trainer

Free shipping
Last update was on: June 13, 2024 2:46 am
in stock
$29.99 $34.99

Learn more about the Swingrail with this video by Softball with Margo

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The Swingrail won't disappoint you. As it counts with adaptable easy to use pieces made from the best materials, you can use it to practice anywhere. With its instant feedback, you'll be able to improve in no time.

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